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DC and Doc Talk Wrestling! A weekly podcast covering the latest news in WWE, NXT and other professional wrestling promotions, along with whatever other topics are on the hosts' minds!

Hosted by DC Matthews, a life-long wrestling enthusiast, and Doc Manson, the only actual doctor talking about pro wrestling on the internet today (until facts prove otherwise). Send us an email at podcast@ddtwrestling.com, or connect with us on Twitter (@theDCMatthews and @DocManson)!

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    Doc's Mail Bag

    While DC is on vacay, Doc will play! With himself! And your emails! This is a full mail bag episode in which Doc responds to all of your emails from the past two weeks. Do try to enjoy even without the sweet bass of DC's voice.

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    Pontificast - Road Diaries, Part 2

    RAW Audio Alert! DC takes to the road again, this time with headphones, and explains the DDT Draft. Well, he goes on a bunch of tangents first. Then he talks about the Draft. I think. I'm kind of tired, so it's hard to remember. . .

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    Pontificast - Road Diaries, Part 1

    RAW Audio Alert! - DC drives to work and chats about Chad Gable joining 205 Live. He also comes up with an idea for Stomping Grounds that might make more sense.

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    Dumb & Fun

    Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam! Also, Takeover, the movie theater experience, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, your emails, and the DDT Cookbook!

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    The Greatest Gift

    DC and Doc talk about AEW, John Moxley, NXT TakeOver 25, and we answer your emails!

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    Cake Cast

    DC and Doc talk about Money in the Bank, 24/7, AEW, PAC, and they even almost do some ranking.

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    That's a Hockey Reference

    DC and Doc talk about AEW, it's PPV price point, Money in the Bank, the deranged clown Bray Wyatt, online courses, and we give a shout out to Rachel!

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    Super Potato

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... a spud? DC and Doc talk about wrestling, the Wild Card Rule, dolphin nipples (Thanks, Jeremy), and more!

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    Luke Skywalker is a Cop

    NERD DC RETURNS! Also, we talk about Money in the Bank, the Horrid Podcast soft launch, the future of The List, and read your emails!

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