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DC and Doc Talk Wrestling! A weekly podcast covering the latest news in WWE, NXT and other professional wrestling promotions, along with whatever other topics are on the hosts' minds!

Hosted by DC Matthews, a life-long wrestling enthusiast, and Doc Manson, the only actual doctor talking about pro wrestling on the internet today (until facts prove otherwise). Send us an email at podcast@ddtwrestling.com, or connect with us on Twitter (@theDCMatthews and @DocManson)!

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    The List - Reconciliation, Part 1!

    DC and Doc finally sit down to reconcile The List. Between their own discussions and your e-mails, find out who was ranked too high or too low.

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    134: Booyaka Booyaka Boo

    DC and Doc talk about Rey Mysterio, Jr, Brock Lesnar, Extreme Rules, NXT, 205 Live, and all the other WWE goodness for the week that was. Join us, won't you?

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    133: Middle-Aged and Lazy

    DC and Doc talk about stuff that mostly isn't wrestling, but sometimes is. You know the drill.

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    131: Last Minute TakeOver & MITB Predictions!

    Nothing like posting a prediction show some 60 minutes before the show starts! Even if you don't get to listen before TakeOver, be sure to listen the next day to see how incredibly wrong DC and Doc were about everything!

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    130: Riding Space Mountain with DC & Doc!

    DC and Doc don't talk about a whole lot of wrestling on this episode, although they do speak a little bit about the future of TV and the possibility of a UK show. Otherwise, they talk a lot about Starbucks, home improvement, and more Starbucks. Send us more emails!

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    129: Making SB Partner!

    DC and Doc talk about wrestling, specifically about how Money in the Bank is shaping up. The boys get educated about Eggnog lattes and do a little footwear association during our email segment. Doc goes off on a Miranda Sings tangent near the end, and DC speaks Spanish. Poorly. All this and more!

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    128: Bernard & Miguel Talk Wrestling

    DC and Doc try to have a short episode because Doc is feeling under the weather. Somehow, they still end up talking for over an hour and pretty much completely on topic for once. The big Fox TV rights deal is discussed, and the future of the WWE Network is pondered. All this, and your emails!

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    127: The One Without Gluten

    DC and Doc spend about 30 minutes talking about dietary habits and other daily life shenanigans before getting to the wrestling talk. You've been warned. Also, your emails!

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    The List - Episode 14!

    This week, we finally have an episode where Doc Manson knows most of the names mentioned! It's a post-Mother's Day miracle! Among the talents ranked this week are Sarah Logan, Primo Colon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Dawn Marie, Scott Norton and the wrestling god himself, JBL!

    ATTENTION - The next episode will be our reconciliation show, so plead your cases for talents you feel deserve to be re-ranked to podcast@ddtwrestling.com!

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