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DC and Doc Talk Wrestling! A weekly podcast covering the latest news in WWE, NXT and other professional wrestling promotions, along with whatever other topics are on the hosts' minds!

Hosted by DC Matthews, a life-long wrestling enthusiast, and Doc Manson, the only actual doctor talking about pro wrestling on the internet today (until facts prove otherwise). Send us an email at podcast@ddtwrestling.com, or connect with us on Twitter (@theDCMatthews and @DocManson)!

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    The List - Episode 22!

    On this week's episode of The List, we consider Constable Corbin, mull over Hugh Morrus, sing the praises of Shark Boy and crown a NEW Greatest Wrestler of All Time. All these talents and more. . . They just made The List! (Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge!)

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    144: On the Moon!

    DC and Doc go to hell! In a cell! Oddly enough, they find a bunch of the current superstars from WWE arrived there ahead of them. Predictions and Predoctions are shared, and your emails are read.

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    The List - Episode 21!

    On this week's episode of The List, Doc and DC try to find the proper rankings for talents like Becky Lynch, Bart Gunn, the Nasty Boys and the Young Bucks. Plus, superheavyweights, secrets, sergeants and Scorpios! Join us, won't you?

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    143: To Boldly Go!

    DC and Doc talk about the greatest sci-fi characters of all time, and mention wrestling like once. Also, your emails!

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    The List - Episode 20!

    Naomi! The Rock N Roll Express! Al Flippin' Snow! All these and more talents are ranked on this week's episode of The List!

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    142: Vampiro the Hero

    DC and Doc are all in about going all out on this All In wrestling show. Doc wows DC with his extensive knowledge of indie wrestlers, and they drop some hot opinions about the best Stephen King books and movies. Also, Maximum Overdrive, which is not among the best, but oh so good.

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    141: Robocop...?

    DC and Doc talk a lot about wrestling for once! The boy sum up their thoughts on NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV and SummerSlam. DC fills Doc in on this week's developments on RAW and Smackdown, and we hear a bit about your favorite video games in the emails! All of this and more!

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    Doc Talk - Talking Over the SummerSlam Preshow

    It's a Manson Manor house party! Which is a nice way of saying, a big group with poor audio quality. Join Doc Manson, Mrs. Manson, Rachel, Eric, and GQ as they talk over the SummerSlam pre-show. We hear all about Rachel and Eric's big NXT TakeOver adventure, including the worst Applebee's in the Big Apple.

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    The List - Episode 19!

    For the second time in three weeks, we crown a NEW greatest wrestler of all time! Is it Eric Bischoff? Okada? Disco Inferno? CHEESEBURGER? Or could it be a name that we talk about in the opening minutes of the show, having no idea where the random numbers will take us!

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    140: DC Takes Brooklyn!

    DC and Doc talk about SummerSlam weekend, which include predictions and predoctions not just for all of the matches on the main show, but also the night before at NXT: TakeOver: Brooklyn IV! All this and your emails!

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