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DC and Doc Talk Wrestling! A weekly podcast covering the latest news in WWE, NXT and other professional wrestling promotions, along with whatever other topics are on the hosts' minds!

Hosted by DC Matthews, a life-long wrestling enthusiast, and Doc Manson, the only actual doctor talking about pro wrestling on the internet today (until facts prove otherwise). Send us an email at podcast@ddtwrestling.com, or connect with us on Twitter (@theDCMatthews and @DocManson)!

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    157: Emails Galore

    We talk a little bit about TLC, answer a bunch of emails, ponder the meaning(less) of existence, talk about Happy!, and wish GQ a very happy birthday. All of this and more on the latest episode of DDT Pod!

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    The List - Episode 26!

    Doc and DC are back at it with The List, trying to rank the greatest wrestlers of all time. This week's show makes up for lost time as we have a whole bunch of names (5, technically) invade the top 25, including two new members of the top 10! Who has earned such an esteemed honor? Listen and find out!

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    156: Colossus' Prostate Exam

    We did our very best to keep this one on the rails, but someone just had to email us about superheroes and look where that got us. Cod pieces, prostrates, movies, personal convictions, and wrestling. All of this and more on this very fine and exquisitely aged episode of DDT podcast.

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    155: Mailbag!

    DC and Doc talk about Black Friday, subwoofers, Lars Sullivan, and answer more than a BAKER'S DOZEN of your emails! All of this and more on this very special episode of DDT Pod!

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    154: Turkey Day!

    School lunches, Survivor Series, emails, comics and PO boxes. 'Nuff said, bub.

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    153: Stan Lee... DEAD

    On this, the most explicit episode of DDT every recorded, DC and Doc talk about the passing of Stan Lee, which superhero would make the best lover, perform a draft for Thanksgiving dinner, talk a bit about anxiety, and answer all of your emails! Also, a little wrestling talk.

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    152: Ludonarrative Dissonance

    This episode took a long time to edit. This description is a total cop out. Also, Doc canceled his WWE Network description, and answer your emails!

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    151: Halloween Hangover

    DC and Doc talk about their Halloween nights. Doc gives an update on Shocktober thanks to Bosque, and DC leads a discussion on the all women's WWE PPV Evolution. All of this plus a formal debate!

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    By The Book - Pondering Survivor Series

    DC sat down with a notebook and pen to draft out an idea for the matches for this month's Survivor Series. He then talks about them, naturally second guessing himself and making last minute changes all along the way.

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    150: The Blue Wing Tipped Larking Warbler

    Do DC and Doc return for episode 150 of the DDT Wrestling podcast? Do they find out who killed Beverley, Bethany, and Stephanie? Do we find out who save DDT? Yes. Also, more on the Crown Jewel controversy, Roman Reigns' leukemia diagnosis, Evolution predictions, and your emails!

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