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DC and Doc Talk Wrestling! A weekly podcast covering the latest news in WWE, NXT and other professional wrestling promotions, along with whatever other topics are on the hosts' minds!

Hosted by DC Matthews, a life-long wrestling enthusiast, and Doc Manson, the only actual doctor talking about pro wrestling on the internet today (until facts prove otherwise). Send us an email at podcast@ddtwrestling.com, or connect with us on Twitter (@theDCMatthews and @DocManson)!

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    I Won't Last Long

    Wrestling, Avatar, Tall People, Emails, and help out Glenn!

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    Do You Have Any Idea How Eyes Work?

    Wrestling happened in Manson Manor, and DC Matthews (along with NXT UK) are to blame! Plus, pho! DC really is the best co-host an outlaw Doctor could ask for. More talk about the DDT Bestie Draft, and your emails!

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    Holidays, pho, wrestling, and Dan Ryckert are discussed.

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    DDT End of 2019 Special

    It's the end of 2019, you know what that means! Actually, we had no idea what that meant until we recorded this thing. There's a lot more blue humor than usual, but that's what happens when DC, Doc, and GQ all get together. After some talk about the holidays, the boys go into List mode and create a list of the greatest heavyweight champions of the 2010's. That includes anyone that held the WWE Championship, the Heavyweight Championship, or the Universal Championship. After that, we give our pieces of positivity for the year, and we briefly mention what we're looking forward to in the next year.

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    KY Po' Boy

    Sore throats, KY Jelly, Christmas gifts, and more!

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    We Have Fun

    Spend an hour with DC and Doc as they talk about everything that comes to mind. Also, your emails!

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    An Alliance From Spite

    DC and Doc talk about a surprising amount of wrestling on this show.

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    A Very Special 201

    For immediate release, please join us on this, the blackest of Fridays, to celebrate the 201st edition of the DDT Wrestling podcast.

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    Be Our Bestie!

    Come and celebrate 200 episodes of the DDT podcast with DC and Doc! Featuring a special song parody from the one and the only, Nerd DC! Also, featuring MORE THAN A BAKER'S DOZEN of your emails! Here's to 200 more!

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    Lingering Tingles

    CM PUNK HAS RETURNED TO THE WORLD OF WRESTLING AND TO THE WWE UNIVERSE! And you can probably guess whether either DC or Doc actually care about that news. Also, we talk a little bit about Survivor Series, and answer all of your emails!

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    An Honour to Be Nominated

    The post-Halloween doldrums are upon the pod, and Doc Manson starts the show by getting pizza sauce on the carpet. Mrs. Manson to the rescue! There's a little bit of wrestling talk, but I won't lie, there ain't a lot of it. Plus, we begin our official campaign to rock the vote! All of this and your emails.

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    Candy Corn Dingleberries

    Halloween is upon us, or just passed by the time you hear this. DC and Doc talk WWE, AEW, and field your emails.

  13. Thumb 1571957809 artwork

    Give 'Em the Fangs!

    DC and Doc talk about shocktober, pumpkin pie M&M's, WWE, and AEW. Doc finally watched a full episode of AEW, so there's that! All of that and your emails as we continue the trek towards episode 200!

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    By The Book - GIF Edition!

    Using the Zinanator GIF, DC went ahead and booked a bunch of wrestling shows, including one done live while recording! Survivor Series, Extreme Rules and LETHAL LOTTERY!!!

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    The Dirty Pumpkin

    DC and Doc taaaaaaaalk! About wrestling and horror movies and DIRTY pumpkins, whatever those are. All this and your emails!

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    DC and Doc talk about all the things: Shocktober; computers; Hell in a Cell; All Elite Wrestling Dynamite; and your emails!

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    Pineapples in Pillowcases

    DC and Doc talk about wrestling and anticipate some of the larger moves happening in the industry. They also talk about Doc's new computer, what sort of podcast format might be best, and answer all of your emails. For once, we actually give real answers to one of Glenn's questions. Imagine that!

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    Italian Movie Saxophone Sexual

    DC and Doc talk. A little bit about movies, a little bit about wrestling, a little bit about selling soup back to a deli. You know, the usual.

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    Slightly Less Puffy

    DC and Doc talk about life, diets, computers, wrestling, and your emails!

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    Wow Wow Wow

    A shorter show for DC and Doc this week, but wrestling and World of Warcraft Classic ares talked about. By the end of the show, Doc's spirits are raised. All thanks to your emails!

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    Shoot Yourself into a Work

    DC and Doc are the last pod standing, and it feels bad, man. Join us as we talk a little about NXT and AEW, the elephant in the room, and we answer all of your glorious emails.

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    The Hairy Bits

    DC and Doc talk a bit about AEW and the UK Takeover, but neither have watched much wrestling this last week. Luckily, we have a lot of emails to help us get over the hump!

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    The Fiend? Sounds Scary!

    DC and Doc talk about a lot this week. Let's be honest, at times this show will feel more like an ad for another show, because, yes, Doc talks for like 15 minutes about his brand new horror podcast, Sounds Scary. In case you didn't know, Sounds Scary is now available for you to listen to on your podcast portal of choice, so subscribe today! But hey, there is also a large amount of wrestling talk on this episode too! Something for everyone!

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    Just Another Regular Episode

    Like the title says, this is just another regular episode of DDT Wrestling and totally not an ad for another show. Although, if you are taking the time to read this, I suppose that I should come clean. I mean, the audio file is only about 2.3 MB in size, and it looks like it's only 3 minutes in length. Which, honestly, is suspicious enough that a certain coroner would probably investigate.

    Alright, so, this totally is an ad for the Sounds Scary podcast, the new podcast from DDT co-host Doc Manson and friend of the show, GQ. Sounds Scary is a celebration of horror movies and the horror genre, and we'd really like it if you would join us for some scary movie fun. Find Sounds Scary on your podcast repository of choice!

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    Dental Depot

    DC and Doc just might be taking crazy pills. After a 15 minute discussion on careers and professions, they boys talk wrestling. After all, TakeOver and Summerslam are only days away. And, continuing the crazy pills talk, Doc watched RAW! Amazing! Also, your emails.

    For all of your dental needs, go to Dental Depot. The only depot you should consider for your teeth! DC loves going to the Dental Depot so much, he's started brushing with the Oreo cream filling! See why DC just can't stay away, book yourself an appointment at the Dental Depot!

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    Dumb... But Good

    Harley Race, TakeOver, SummerSlam, dream cars, and stinky farts. This is the stuff that pods are made of. Happy 5-iversary!

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    Things to Do

    Wrestling? What's that? DC knows! He's watching RAW Reunion show plus Impact or TNA PPVs from almost 20 years ago!

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    The Squishy Bits

    DC and Doc talk about Extreme Rules and answer your emails!

  29. Thumb 1562891425 artwork

    No Respect

    Doc is feeling down, DC is into Extreme Rules, we contemplate life, the universe, and everything, and we read your emails.

  30. Thumb 1562525320 artwork

    By the Book - Ubernerd DDT Draft (Part 2)

    DC and Jeremy once again set up to complete their 2 person uber-nerd wrestling draft. Some trades are made and 30 more rounds are covered.

  31. Thumb 1562284336 artwork


    DC and Doc talk about pickles, food, wrestling, how to play Uno, cars, and death houses. All of this and your emails!

  32. Thumb 1561673456 artwork


    A brief summary of the things DC and Doc talked about on this episode: WWE, spuds, and I forget.

  33. Thumb 1561465192 artwork

    By The Book - Ubernerd DDT Draft (guest starring Jeremy!)

    DC is joined by fellow wrestling historian Jeremy (@eplandnfl) to do a two person ubernerd all-time fantasy draft. We got through thirty rounds this time, and there's likely another 70 or so to go!

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  35. Thumb 1561070591 artwork

    Doc's Mail Bag

    While DC is on vacay, Doc will play! With himself! And your emails! This is a full mail bag episode in which Doc responds to all of your emails from the past two weeks. Do try to enjoy even without the sweet bass of DC's voice.

  36. Thumb 1560512748 artwork

    Pontificast - Road Diaries, Part 2

    RAW Audio Alert! DC takes to the road again, this time with headphones, and explains the DDT Draft. Well, he goes on a bunch of tangents first. Then he talks about the Draft. I think. I'm kind of tired, so it's hard to remember. . .

  37. Thumb 1560512650 artwork

    Pontificast - Road Diaries, Part 1

    RAW Audio Alert! - DC drives to work and chats about Chad Gable joining 205 Live. He also comes up with an idea for Stomping Grounds that might make more sense.

  38. Thumb 1559855893 artwork

    Dumb & Fun

    Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam! Also, Takeover, the movie theater experience, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, your emails, and the DDT Cookbook!

  39. Thumb 1559261536 artwork

    The Greatest Gift

    DC and Doc talk about AEW, John Moxley, NXT TakeOver 25, and we answer your emails!

  40. Thumb 1558653581 artwork

    Cake Cast

    DC and Doc talk about Money in the Bank, 24/7, AEW, PAC, and they even almost do some ranking.

  41. Thumb 1558052177 artwork

    That's a Hockey Reference

    DC and Doc talk about AEW, it's PPV price point, Money in the Bank, the deranged clown Bray Wyatt, online courses, and we give a shout out to Rachel!

  42. Thumb 1557446023 artwork

    Super Potato

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... a spud? DC and Doc talk about wrestling, the Wild Card Rule, dolphin nipples (Thanks, Jeremy), and more!

  43. Thumb 1556841252 artwork

    Luke Skywalker is a Cop

    NERD DC RETURNS! Also, we talk about Money in the Bank, the Horrid Podcast soft launch, the future of The List, and read your emails!

  44. Thumb 1556236792 artwork

    Uncle Waylon!


  45. Thumb 1555026589 artwork

    He likes it! Hey, Mikey!

    DC and Doc talk about WRESTLEMANIA! And TakeOver. And WALTER. Aaaaaand Hellboy, the Avengers, and we read your emails!

  46. Thumb 1553818884 artwork

    Ryan Something

    It's Wrestlemania week! We talk about the card a little, have a little session on Apple TV+, and answer your emails!

  47. Thumb 1553216007 artwork

    Almonds Have Eight Nipples

    Our brave heroes discuss Indian food and different types of milk before beginning to explore some of the exciting matches that Wrestlemania weekend has in store for us all. Thanks to your emails we also discuss pseudonyms, our favorite Wrestlemania moments, and Google Stadia. We welcome our dark video game overloads of the future!

  48. Thumb 1552611054 artwork

    168: Lurch Looking

    A low energy show about the Wrestlemania card, Walter, the Kevin Smith film library, and your emails. Also, we learn some very important news about #Doc4HOF!

  49. Thumb 1552165660 artwork

    167: March Munchies Madness

    Fastlane, cereal, licking, gardening. My mic agrees that Mrs. Manson is nearly impossible to hear. All of this and your emails!

  50. Thumb 1551402691 artwork

    166: Cancer in a Suitcase

    Doc is sick, and DC tricks him into talking about wrestling as well as placing some names on some sort of List. Also, your emails, some pieces of positivity, and a fair amount of laughter over something that really isn't funny.

  51. Thumb 1550794373 artwork

    165: Mostly Mail

    DC and Doc talk about work, cars, and vacations mostly due to your prompting as we go through a dozen emails!

  52. Thumb 1550609814 artwork

    Question Marks! @TheBrandonMac

    DC sits down with Brandon Mac to discuss growing up in West Virginia, his dual loves of wrestling and music and Brandon's thoughts on the current state of the business.

  53. Thumb 1550194014 artwork

    164: BE MINE

    DC recounts his no good, bad, awful Valentine's Day work experience, and Doc gets some homemade gluten-free cookies. All of this and more!

  54. Thumb 1549673684 artwork

    By The Book - The State of The WWE Title Scene

    Based on an idea from Jeremy and a suggestion from Doc, DC takes to the air to create a new title structure in WWE. He also coughs a bunch. But mostly pondering championship belts.

  55. Thumb 1549591572 artwork

    163: Embodiment of Pod

    DC shares his experiences with children; Doc gets a new chair; DC tries to talk about wrestling; Doc talks about ASMR; a wild Mrs Manson appears! Plus your emails!

  56. Thumb 1548985645 artwork

    162: Rumble Ramble

    It's the show after a very royal rumble, that's right! A lot of wrestling talk as the road to Wrestlemania begins to ramp up, talk about chairs, and your emails!

  57. Thumb 1548381630 artwork

    161: A Curious Podcast

    Some brief wrestling talk regarding TakeOver, and then a discussion about stress, work habits, science, technology, and your emails!

  58. Thumb 1548201582 artwork

    160: The Late Episode

    A very late last week edition of DDT Wrestling! Most about the Royal Rumble, mostly.

  59. Thumb 1547167061 artwork

    159: SEP: Semi-Elite Podcast

    DC and Doc return from the holidays to discuss some big news in the world of wrestling, namely the formation of All Elite Wrestling. There's some talk about Impact, WWE, Dead Cells, and, of course, your emails.

  60. Thumb 1546385549 artwork
  61. Thumb 1546303957 artwork
  62. Thumb 1546266729 artwork
  63. Thumb 1545924946 artwork

    DDT Awards 2018: Kickoff Show!

    Join us as we prepare for the fourth annual DDT Awards! In this very special kick off show, Doc and GQ talk about Christmas memories, preview the award categories, and share their best and worst wrestling-related idea from 2018. Join us, won't you?

  64. Thumb 1545357413 artwork

    158: The Birds and the Bees

    The final episode before the 2018 DDT Awards is recorded brings to you some rambling about haircuts, holiday plans, the new leaf turned in WWE wrestling this week, Cleveland Steamers, Tom Phillips, and the Birds and the Bees. All of this and your emails!

  65. Thumb 1544884628 artwork

    Question Marks! @ChipKFabe

    On this debut episode of Question Marks, DC sits down with Chip K. Fabe to trace the path that brought a kid watching Mick Foley win the WWF title with his dad to the man we all know and love today.

  66. Thumb 1544752757 artwork

    157: Emails Galore

    We talk a little bit about TLC, answer a bunch of emails, ponder the meaning(less) of existence, talk about Happy!, and wish GQ a very happy birthday. All of this and more on the latest episode of DDT Pod!

  67. Thumb 1544486414 artwork

    The List - Episode 26!

    Doc and DC are back at it with The List, trying to rank the greatest wrestlers of all time. This week's show makes up for lost time as we have a whole bunch of names (5, technically) invade the top 25, including two new members of the top 10! Who has earned such an esteemed honor? Listen and find out!

  68. Thumb 1544149502 artwork

    156: Colossus' Prostate Exam

    We did our very best to keep this one on the rails, but someone just had to email us about superheroes and look where that got us. Cod pieces, prostrates, movies, personal convictions, and wrestling. All of this and more on this very fine and exquisitely aged episode of DDT podcast.

  69. Thumb 1543545428 artwork

    155: Mailbag!

    DC and Doc talk about Black Friday, subwoofers, Lars Sullivan, and answer more than a BAKER'S DOZEN of your emails! All of this and more on this very special episode of DDT Pod!

  70. Thumb 1542997473 artwork

    154: Turkey Day!

    School lunches, Survivor Series, emails, comics and PO boxes. 'Nuff said, bub.

  71. Thumb 1542325073 artwork

    153: Stan Lee... DEAD

    On this, the most explicit episode of DDT every recorded, DC and Doc talk about the passing of Stan Lee, which superhero would make the best lover, perform a draft for Thanksgiving dinner, talk a bit about anxiety, and answer all of your emails! Also, a little wrestling talk.

  72. Thumb 1541734512 artwork

    152: Ludonarrative Dissonance

    This episode took a long time to edit. This description is a total cop out. Also, Doc canceled his WWE Network description, and answer your emails!

  73. Thumb 1541121786 artwork

    151: Halloween Hangover

    DC and Doc talk about their Halloween nights. Doc gives an update on Shocktober thanks to Bosque, and DC leads a discussion on the all women's WWE PPV Evolution. All of this plus a formal debate!

  74. Thumb 1540948063 artwork

    By The Book - Pondering Survivor Series

    DC sat down with a notebook and pen to draft out an idea for the matches for this month's Survivor Series. He then talks about them, naturally second guessing himself and making last minute changes all along the way.

  75. Thumb 1540520885 artwork

    150: The Blue Wing Tipped Larking Warbler

    Do DC and Doc return for episode 150 of the DDT Wrestling podcast? Do they find out who killed Beverley, Bethany, and Stephanie? Do we find out who save DDT? Yes. Also, more on the Crown Jewel controversy, Roman Reigns' leukemia diagnosis, Evolution predictions, and your emails!

  76. Thumb 1540249975 artwork

    The List - Episode 25

    This week, we rank a trashman, a billionaire princess, a Japanese legend and a Deacon Destroyer. Join us, won't you?

  77. Thumb 1539909273 artwork

    149: Goodbye Forever, Until Next Week

    DC and Doc reflect on the past three years of podcasting together and say a very fond farewell to the life of fame and fortune before the DDT takeover is complete next week. Come and listen to our final statements on the WWE, the final emails, and our final thoughts on life, the universe, and everything. All of this, and more!

  78. Thumb 1539637187 artwork

    The List - Episode 24!

    This is it, friends. The Mt. Everest of "The List" episodes. Not only do we cover Lio Rush AND Perry Saturn, but we also talk about one of the greatest of all time. . . Texas Red. After we try to handle the Phenom that was that ranking, DC almost becomes a Deadman as the next name mentioned just happens to be the love of Doc Manson's life.

    This show, as they say, is a banger.

  79. Thumb 1539304943 artwork

    148: The Corporate Anti-Establishment Returns!

    DC & Doc talk about the Super Showdown which happened in Australia this past week, Doc actually watches some of RAW, the takeover of DDT Wrestling develops further, and your emails on this, the pen-ultimate episode of DDT Wrestling! Well, at least the last episode hosted by DC and Doc.

  80. Thumb 1538702415 artwork

    147: D'Angelo D'Angelo

    Super Showdown predictions with DC and Doc on this action-packed episode of DDT Wrestling. All of this, plus a brief Shocktober update, and DC eats a banana. Also, emails!

  81. Thumb 1538521803 artwork

    The List - Episode 23!

    This week, DC and Doc add more names to The List! Awesome Kong! Karl Anderson! Grizzly Redwood! NorMAN SmiLEY! Walk down memory road with us!

  82. Thumb 1538102259 artwork

    146: Un-Brie-Liv-Able

    DC and Doc talk about the latest from the world of wrestling, touching lightly upon the kicks heard round the world on RAW this week. There's some movie talk, and, of course, your emails!

  83. Thumb 1537490116 artwork

    145: Banette's Revenge

    Being forgotten was worse enough, the long stretches of time lost to the seemingly eternal stretches of nothingness. Laying unused, being disavowed of the only purpose that one has, to bring joy, had been difficult to comprehend. But being discarded, now that was far worse. The black hatred swelled up, filling the spot where his heart should be, vitriol coursed through nonexistent veins. It consumed him, this feeling, it provided motivation, giving direction where none had remained. Being discarded had brought new purpose: to seek out those that had cast aside his worth, and bring terrible vengeance upon them.

    All of this, wrestling, and your emails!

  84. Thumb 1537314146 artwork

    The List - Episode 22!

    On this week's episode of The List, we consider Constable Corbin, mull over Hugh Morrus, sing the praises of Shark Boy and crown a NEW Greatest Wrestler of All Time. All these talents and more. . . They just made The List! (Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge!)

  85. Thumb 1536888096 artwork

    144: On the Moon!

    DC and Doc go to hell! In a cell! Oddly enough, they find a bunch of the current superstars from WWE arrived there ahead of them. Predictions and Predoctions are shared, and your emails are read.

  86. Thumb 1536659946 artwork

    The List - Episode 21!

    On this week's episode of The List, Doc and DC try to find the proper rankings for talents like Becky Lynch, Bart Gunn, the Nasty Boys and the Young Bucks. Plus, superheavyweights, secrets, sergeants and Scorpios! Join us, won't you?

  87. Thumb 1536279937 artwork

    143: To Boldly Go!

    DC and Doc talk about the greatest sci-fi characters of all time, and mention wrestling like once. Also, your emails!

  88. Thumb 1536105665 artwork

    The List - Episode 20!

    Naomi! The Rock N Roll Express! Al Flippin' Snow! All these and more talents are ranked on this week's episode of The List!

  89. Thumb 1535675905 artwork

    142: Vampiro the Hero

    DC and Doc are all in about going all out on this All In wrestling show. Doc wows DC with his extensive knowledge of indie wrestlers, and they drop some hot opinions about the best Stephen King books and movies. Also, Maximum Overdrive, which is not among the best, but oh so good.

  90. Thumb 1534984835 artwork

    141: Robocop...?

    DC and Doc talk a lot about wrestling for once! The boy sum up their thoughts on NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV and SummerSlam. DC fills Doc in on this week's developments on RAW and Smackdown, and we hear a bit about your favorite video games in the emails! All of this and more!

  91. Thumb 1534987215 artwork

    Doc Talk - Talking Over the SummerSlam Preshow

    It's a Manson Manor house party! Which is a nice way of saying, a big group with poor audio quality. Join Doc Manson, Mrs. Manson, Rachel, Eric, and GQ as they talk over the SummerSlam pre-show. We hear all about Rachel and Eric's big NXT TakeOver adventure, including the worst Applebee's in the Big Apple.

  92. Thumb 1534203176 artwork

    The List - Episode 19!

    For the second time in three weeks, we crown a NEW greatest wrestler of all time! Is it Eric Bischoff? Okada? Disco Inferno? CHEESEBURGER? Or could it be a name that we talk about in the opening minutes of the show, having no idea where the random numbers will take us!

  93. Thumb 1534468219 artwork

    140: DC Takes Brooklyn!

    DC and Doc talk about SummerSlam weekend, which include predictions and predoctions not just for all of the matches on the main show, but also the night before at NXT: TakeOver: Brooklyn IV! All this and your emails!

  94. Thumb 1533601722 artwork

    The List - Episode 18!

    Cesaro! Sensational Sherri! Paige! THE GREAT KHALI! All these names and more you've likely never heard of, all on this week's episode of The List!

  95. Thumb 1534019596 artwork

    139: Making an Impact

    DC and Doc talk about the DDT Draft 2018, the All-Time Draft Alpha, Impact Wrestling, RAW, SummerSlam, and other goodies in this slightly belated edition of DDT Wrestling! Speaking of Impact Wrestling -SPOILERS- Sami Callihan pees on a guy! All of this, and your emails!

  96. Thumb 1533600815 artwork

    The List - Episode 17!

    The List is blown up as not one but TWO wrestlers enter the Top 5! In fact, we have a NEW Greatest Wrestler of All Time! Who will enter such an elite pantheon? Find out today!

  97. Thumb 1533258865 artwork

    138: Pants Party Redux

    DC and Doc talk about RAW, SummerSlam, Lesnar, NXT, and Ciampa. They talk about the DDT Draft, possibility for the DDT All-Time Draft, and, of course, the Pants Party returns via your emails.

  98. Thumb 1532897592 artwork

    The List - Episode 16!

    After three weeks of reconciliation, Doc and DC add more names to The List! And not just any names, but quality names, like. . . Um. . . Man, it was a while ago that we recorded this. . .Hmm, let me think. . . I know there were good names. . .

    Just go listen to it!

  99. Thumb 1532652999 artwork

    137: DDT Draft Update - Podblast!

    An extra short show with some technical issues. Apologies for the skipping in the audio, but the fates were not with us for this recording. DC and Doc talk about the currently ongoing DDT Draft. Listen in!

  100. Thumb 1532264877 artwork

    The List - Reconciliation, Part 3!

    This week, DC and Doc finish their first reconciliation of The List! When this episode is over, everyone should be totally happy. . . Right? RIGHT?

    Plus, for the first time ever, DC hijacks the beginning of the show to plug the 2018 DDT Draft! Make sure to sign up today!


  101. Thumb 1532049627 artwork

    136: Bobbily Lashley and the Pants Party

    DC and Doc talk about the fallout from Extreme Rules, and Doc's trip to see Miranda Sings perform live. The duo also take your emails, which include questions related to pants.

  102. Thumb 1531961422 artwork

    The 2018 DDT Draft is here!!!

    In this Pontificast Podblast, DC explains the rules and procedures for the fifth annual DDT Draft!

  103. Thumb 1531318671 artwork

    The List - Reconciliation, Part 2!

    DC and Doc continue to reconcile The List, their ranking of the greatest wrestlers of all time! We read some e-mails and start going down the list piece by piece. Who will get our love and earn our derision? Find out today!

  104. Thumb 1531267514 artwork

    135: Why Not Prince Pretty?

    DC and Doc make their predictions for WWE's upcoming Extreme Rules PPV/Network Event. Find out where the host's opinions fall on the big marquee matches, including such gems as Constable Corbin versus Guy in Leather Jacket, and the Rotunda Rumble. All of this and none of your emails!

  105. Thumb 1531036884 artwork

    The List - Reconciliation, Part 1!

    DC and Doc finally sit down to reconcile The List. Between their own discussions and your e-mails, find out who was ranked too high or too low.

  106. Thumb 1530837433 artwork

    134: Booyaka Booyaka Boo

    DC and Doc talk about Rey Mysterio, Jr, Brock Lesnar, Extreme Rules, NXT, 205 Live, and all the other WWE goodness for the week that was. Join us, won't you?

  107. Thumb 1530234732 artwork

    133: Middle-Aged and Lazy

    DC and Doc talk about stuff that mostly isn't wrestling, but sometimes is. You know the drill.

  108. Thumb 1529631195 artwork
  109. Thumb 1529189818 artwork

    131: Last Minute TakeOver & MITB Predictions!

    Nothing like posting a prediction show some 60 minutes before the show starts! Even if you don't get to listen before TakeOver, be sure to listen the next day to see how incredibly wrong DC and Doc were about everything!

  110. Thumb 1528417847 artwork

    130: Riding Space Mountain with DC & Doc!

    DC and Doc don't talk about a whole lot of wrestling on this episode, although they do speak a little bit about the future of TV and the possibility of a UK show. Otherwise, they talk a lot about Starbucks, home improvement, and more Starbucks. Send us more emails!

  111. Thumb 1527816780 artwork

    129: Making SB Partner!

    DC and Doc talk about wrestling, specifically about how Money in the Bank is shaping up. The boys get educated about Eggnog lattes and do a little footwear association during our email segment. Doc goes off on a Miranda Sings tangent near the end, and DC speaks Spanish. Poorly. All this and more!

  112. Thumb 1527209951 artwork

    128: Bernard & Miguel Talk Wrestling

    DC and Doc try to have a short episode because Doc is feeling under the weather. Somehow, they still end up talking for over an hour and pretty much completely on topic for once. The big Fox TV rights deal is discussed, and the future of the WWE Network is pondered. All this, and your emails!

  113. Thumb 1526602913 artwork

    127: The One Without Gluten

    DC and Doc spend about 30 minutes talking about dietary habits and other daily life shenanigans before getting to the wrestling talk. You've been warned. Also, your emails!

  114. Thumb 1526339512 artwork

    The List - Episode 14!

    This week, we finally have an episode where Doc Manson knows most of the names mentioned! It's a post-Mother's Day miracle! Among the talents ranked this week are Sarah Logan, Primo Colon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Dawn Marie, Scott Norton and the wrestling god himself, JBL!

    ATTENTION - The next episode will be our reconciliation show, so plead your cases for talents you feel deserve to be re-ranked to podcast@ddtwrestling.com!

  115. Thumb 1525393949 artwork

    126: Shallow Thoughts

    The Greatest Royal Rumble. Double chamber underoos. Backlash. Volcanos. All of this as Doc Manson returns from the dead as the undead, unaffiliated, outlaw. Plus, your emails!

  116. Thumb 1524790751 artwork

    125: WikiHow: How to Conduct a Seance

    DC Matthews tries to rouse the spirit of the dearly departed Doc Manson with a good old fashioned seance. Things don't go well, or maybe they do, depending on your definition of humor, I suppose. All this and your emails on this, the least appropriate episode of DDT Wrestling ever!

  117. Thumb 1524260602 artwork

    The Eulogy - #Doc4HoF

    Eric and Rachel deliver the eulogy for the late, great Doc Manson. If you don't know what this is about, consider yourself lucky #Doc4HoF

    @The_Arciszist @Rachhnoelle

  118. Thumb 1523921652 artwork

    The List - Episode 13!

    It's another episode of Doc and DC ranking the greatest wrestlers of all time, though after the last few weeks, it feels like we've been stuck in the mid-card forever! That's how this show began as well, though we had some nods to tradition (Mitsuharu Misawa, Perro Aguayo, The Great Sasuke). Just when all seemed lost, the fates were kind, and not only do we have a new member of the Top 20, we have a new member of the Top 5 as well!

  119. Thumb 1523579309 artwork

    124: PAIGE HERE

    DC and Doc talk about WWE hitting the reset button after Wrestlemania. We're pretty excited by all of the debuts and returns on RAW and Smackdown this week, and we are eagerly looking forward to the Superstar Shakeup. All of this and your emails!

  120. Thumb 1523318002 artwork

    123: Wrestlemania Wrap Up!

    Join DC and Doc for this special, early episode of DDT Wrestling, in which we review our thoughts of the glorious weekend of wrestling that was, including NXT TakeOver New Orleans and Wrestlemania!

  121. Thumb 1523402066 artwork
  122. Thumb 1523401956 artwork
  123. Thumb 1522975630 artwork

    122: Wrestlemania 34 Prestravaganza!

    DC and Doc talk all about the hot wrestling in store for the upcoming weekend! We talk about every match from NXT TakeOver: New Orleans and Wrestlemania 34, making our patented predictions and predoctions. Also, our patrons are so wrong about Becky Lynch. All of this, and your emails!

  124. Thumb 1522579466 artwork

    The List - Episode 12!

    The Cowboy James Storm. Scotty Riggs. Miss Jacqueline. The Authors of Pain. Big E. Shaquille Flipping O'Neal! All this and more on this week's episode of #TheList, our quest to rank the greatest wrestlers of all time!

  125. Thumb 1522578245 artwork

    By the Book - #DreamWrestlemania Part 3!

    This week, DC looks at the #DreamWrestlemania cards of Dan, Glenn, Jeremy, Ryan, the Lone Stranger and Rob. What epic, all-time matchups will you fall in love with? Find out today!

  126. Thumb 1522372084 artwork

    121: Full Transparency

    DC and Doc talk about their just launched Patreon page. Be sure to check it out! They also do quick recaps of RAW and Smackdown, and spend time getting HYPED for Wrestlemania! All of this and your emails!

  127. Thumb 1522141601 artwork

    The List - Part 11!

    What do Apollo Crews, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Tessa Blanchard, Molly Holly and New Jack all have in common? They were all part of today's episode of The List, where Doc and DC try to rank the greatest wrestlers of all time!

  128. Thumb 1522015049 artwork

    By the Book - #DreamWrestlemania Part 2!

    This week, DC begins to share some of the Dream Wrestlemania matches and cards submitted by you, the listeners! Check out what Chris, Jason, Dan, The Plasticine Dream and Brando all booked for the Ultimate Show of Shows!

  129. Thumb 1521759093 artwork

    120: Daniel Bryan Danielson Returns!

    DC and Doc are quilts! Or a throw! Or a blanket, thing. Thanks, Danielle! Also Daniel Bryan Danielson returns to the WWE wrestling ring in a shocking development this week! All of this and your emails! No, wait. There were no emails. Darn.

  130. Thumb 1521489165 artwork

    By The Book - DC's #DreamWrestlemania!

    On this first of the series, DC explains the #DreamWrestlemania project and then shares the matches he created for his own Show to end all Shows. Next time, your choices!

  131. Thumb 1521161465 artwork

    119: Mission Accomplished

    DC and Doc talk about the results of Fastlane and RAW and Smackdown from the past week. Wrestlemania season is quickly approaching, and the boys are excited. Know what else has us excited? Pies! Especially Key Lime Pie. All of this and your emails!

  132. Thumb 1520970194 artwork

    The List Part 10 - Bundy, Ibushi, Dakota Kai and Bertha Faye!

    Welcome to The List - Where Doc and DC try to rank the greatest wrestlers of all time!

    This week, DC and Doc spend more time amid the middle of the list, with names like Pete Gas, Grandmaster Sexay, Aja Kong and Typhoon! Fate also forces us to discuss a topical female Hall of Famer, and just like that, there's a new name at the bottom of our list. However, we do add a name to our Top 20, so that's something!

  133. Thumb 1520732193 artwork


    Delayed by the snow bringing down his home internet connection, Doc Manson is back with co-host DC Matthews to talk about wrestling! This week, the boy talk about the WWE Fastlane PPV and a bit about Wrestlemania. Doc professes a newfound appreciation for Elias, and a long-standing dissatisfaction with the Usos. All of this, and your emails!

  134. Thumb 1520553301 artwork
  135. Thumb 1520187205 artwork

    The List - Episode 9!

    This week, only one name enters the elite Top 20 of The List, but we do claim a new "Worst Wrestler of All Time" and we spend a good amount of time in the upper third of these 120+ names. Tajiri, Piper Niven, Luchasaurus, Gail Kim, Brian Pillman and the great Waylon Mercy all get their rankings!

  136. Thumb 1519951794 artwork

    117: A Lifestyle Podcast

    DC and Doc talk about the aftermath of the Elimination Chamber PPV as we start gearing up for Wrestlemania to arrive. DC praises Doc; Doc praises Asuka; and Asuka yells at the Miz in Japanese! The boys also get the word out about updates to their web site (ddtwrestling.com), a new email address (podcast@ddtwrestling.com), and give the URL for their shirt shop (shop.ddtwrestling.com). All this, and your eight emails!


  137. Thumb 1519835465 artwork
  138. Thumb 1519557625 artwork

    The List - Week 8!

    The List makes its long awaited debut here on DDTWrestling, and DC has brought some music to the party. . . Once the YouTube ads are over.

    John Laurinaitis (aka Johnny Ace), Stacy Keibler, Lars Sullivan, Amazing Red and Bull Nakano are all on the docket to get ranked this week!

  139. Thumb 1519353559 artwork

    The List - Week 7!

    The final episode on the NAI airwaves has DC and Doc discussing their future, then they dive into the rankings. Buzz Sawyer, Paul Orndorff, Scott Hall, Cameron, Nikki Bella and Faarooq are all among those getting listed!

  140. Thumb 1519353519 artwork

    The List - Week 6!

    This week, new names adorn the top AND the bottom of The List, and oddly enough, both are active wrestlers. Plus, Doc rants about his love for Christy Hemme and the guys try to figure out what to do with Chris Benoit. Plus, MANTAUR!

  141. Thumb 1519353413 artwork

    The List - Week 5!

    Another week, another new name atop our list, though this time, it's an active wrestler! Where do stars like Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Heidenreich and the Blue Meanie rank?

  142. Thumb 1519353373 artwork

    The List - Week 4!

    We make history on Week 4 of The List as a female talent enters the Top 10, along with another all-time Great. Plus, Rick Martel, Magnum TA, Jason Jordan and Bobby Lashley all get ranked!

  143. Thumb 1519350405 artwork

    116: Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising!

    DC and Doc get ready for the Elimination Chamber by trying to sell you their brand new shirt! (http://bit.ly/DDTShirtSale). They also do some predictions for the upcoming PPV, and read through A BAKER'S DOZEN of your glorious emails! We rank our favorite Muppets, and spend some time ruminating on the wonders of maple. All of this and more!

  144. Thumb 1519353340 artwork

    The List - Part 3!

    On week 3 of The List, some female names finally get ranked. How do Torrie Wilson and Abbey Laith compare to Chris Sabin, Roddy Piper and Luther Reigns? Do we have another new number one wrestler?

  145. Thumb 1519353313 artwork

    The List - Part 2!

    Episode 2 of The List features another 15 names getting ranked, and we almost immediately have a new greatest wrestler of all time. How do Vader, Mark Starr, Amish Roadkill and Ricky Steamboat rank?

  146. Thumb 1519353272 artwork

    The List - Part 1!

    It's episode 1 of The List, and after DC and Doc explain this Herculean task, it's time to begin randomly choosing names. How do Dolph Ziggler and Fandango rank against guys like Tatanka, Billy Gunn and Chavo Guerrero?

  147. Thumb 1519063680 artwork
  148. Thumb 1518742528 artwork
  149. Thumb 1518139810 artwork

    114: We get it. Tye Dillinger is Ten Tennington.

    DC and Doc do a spectacularly poor job of keeping the show on the rails this week. We talk about food, lab-grown meat, Elon Musk, Raw, Smackdown, delis, movies, westerns, and, of course, your emails!

  150. Thumb 1518042675 artwork

    By The Book - The Wrestlemania Wall!

    DC walks the NAIborhood through his construction of the Wrestlemania Wall, showcasing his thoughts on what WWE will do with NXT, RAW and SDLive this April. Then, he breaks down part of the wall as injuries, new rivalries and forgetting the cruiserweights throws monkey wrenches into his plans.

  151. Thumb 1517536053 artwork

    113: A Pair of Very Royal Rumbles

    DC and Doc talk about the past weekend, which included the wrestling events NXT TakeOver and the Royal Rumble. We talk reactions to each match, debate if we've been spoiled by NXT, and. of course, read some GLORIOUS emails!

  152. Thumb 1516930323 artwork

    112: Your Royal Rumble Winner, Becky- Nope!

    A full weekend of excellent professional wrestling is before us! NXT TakeOver and the Royal Rumbles promise a great time, so join DC and Doc as they predict the outcomes of all the weekend's matches.

  153. Thumb 1516748586 artwork

    Pontificast - Building a Junior Heavyweight Division

    With the news of another hit to 205 Live, DC tries to make the case for a legitimate junior heavyweight division in WWE, going through the numbers and By The Book to figure out just who could qualify for said title and how it could feasibly look.

  154. Thumb 1516324437 artwork

    111: Amish Roadkill was Amish

    DC and Doc talk pot pies, RAW, Smackdown, Paige, Seth Rollins, the Royal Rumble, RAW 25, and, of course, your emails! Also, listen in to hear something very surprising about Amish Roadkill!

  155. Thumb 1515722911 artwork

    110: School Daze

    DC and Doc spend a half hour reminiscing on the olden days before finally talking about RAW from this week and the dumb monster things (meant in the best way possible) that Braun Strowman keeps getting involved with. The boys also speak rather highly of the upcoming Mixed Match Challenge. All this, and emails from Ryan and Glenn!

  156. Thumb 1515103724 artwork

    109: The Long Awaited Return

    DC and Doc sit down to talk about wrestling but, more importantly, #NerdDC returns! Check out DC's latest lyrical spoof in honor of one good, gloved hand, Bo Dallas. The pair also talk about New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 12 show, but fans of the product will likely wish to stab Doc for being disparaging and dismissive. On happier topics, there's going to be a Women's division Royal Rumble match in the WWE! All this and an email from Pav on this edition of DDT Wrestling!

  157. Thumb 1514677137 artwork

    DDT Awards 2017 Pod-A-Palooza! - Day Three

    DC, Doc, GQ, and Mrs. Manson sit down for day three of the third annual DDT Awards Pod-A-Palooza! Today's categories include: Wettest Wrestler; Most Excited to Join WWE; Best Gimmick; Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Award for Worst Trend; Finish Him! Award for Best Finisher or Signature Move; Daniel Bryan presents the Yes! Yes! Yes! Award for Best Trend; Biggest Disappointment; Best Feud or Storyline; Best Singles Match; World War III Award for Best Multi-Person Match; and the Top Ten Wrestlers of 2017!

    All of this, plus a rollicking rendition of "Must be Santa" by the entire DDT crew! We hope that you've enjoyed the nonsense, friends!

  158. Thumb 1514676406 artwork

    DDT Awards 2017 Pod-A-Palooza! - Day Two

    DC, Doc, GQ, and Mrs. Manson sit down for day two of the third annual DDT Awards Pod-A-Palooza! Today's categories include: Braun Strowman presents Silliest Wrestle Silly Moment; Moments Best Forgotten; Holy Poop! Move of the Year; Bobby Roode presents Most Glorious (New) Entrance Music; The Vader Award for Best Strong Style; Got Their Bell Rung Award for Wrestler Most Missed Due to Medical Reason; Biggest, Blackest Hole of Charisma; Best Moment; The Miss Elizabeth Award for Best Valet; Greatest Resurgence of a Superstar; and Mrs. Manson presents Best Styyyle!

    All of this plus a second, brand new parody song! Enjoy the nonsense, friends!

  159. Thumb 1514599194 artwork

    DDT Awards 2017 Pod-A-Palooza! - Day One

    DC, Doc, GQ, and Mrs. Manson sit down for day one of the third annual DDT Awards Pod-A-Palooza! Hold on to your hats! Today's categories include: Triple H Ponytail Memorial; Sad to See You Go Award; Next Big Indie Star; Lince Dorado presents the Cruisiest Cruiserweight; Best Main Roster RUN by NXT Talent in 2017; NXT Wrestler of the Year; Breakout Women's Star; Breakout Men's Star; the Well, Well, Well, What Have We Here? Wellness Award; and the Best Wrestling Catchphrase! All of this plus a brand new parody song to kick off the DDT Awards festivities! Enjoy the nonsense, friends!

  160. Thumb 1514504074 artwork

    DDT Awards 2017 Pod-A-Palooza! - Kick-Off Show!

    Doc sits down with Rachel, Eric, and Mrs. Manson to whet your appetites for the 2017 DDT Awards Pod-A-Palooza! In this Kick-Off Show, the group coves the Best Social Media Presence of 2017. Be sure to tune back in soon, Besties! The Awards are Coming!

  161. Thumb 1513905766 artwork

    108: DDT DDT DDT

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! DC and Doc bring you the last regular episode of DDT Wrestling for 2017. The next time you hear from us, it will be for the third annual DDT Awards! This week, we talk fall out from Clash of Champions, the announcement of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match, and the Woken Brilliance of Matt Hardy. All of this and your emails!

  162. Thumb 1513305739 artwork

    107: Upgrade to Platinum Tier Subscriber to Listen to DDT Wrestling!

    DC and Doc talk about Clash of Champions, proving their predictions and predoctions for this Smackdown event. The boy also gab about funerals, Christmas tunes, the Mixed Match Challenge, Facebook, and Net Neutrality. All of this and your emails!

  163. Thumb 1512775415 artwork

    106: The Prisoner of Asukaban

    DC and Doc talk about the latest news in the WWE, inlcuding: Matt Hardy is WOKEN; Absolution did a thing; Daniel Bryan as a heel; Drew Gulak; and your emails!

  164. Thumb 1512093985 artwork

    105: Evoludscknckvjs Ish A Misssdercbegkjqel

    The boys are back to talk all about RAW and Smackdown, even though neither DC nor Doc currently subscribes to any cable or cable-like streaming services! We start to wonder what wonders the DDT Awards might hold this year, talk about the best and worst of the Attitude Era, and Doc even gives a thorough explanation of the hand-birthing story line. All this and your emails!

  165. Thumb 1511490844 artwork

    104: Gobble Gobble

    The boys get thankful and talk about their Turkey Day plans and meals. They then recap the last week or so in wrestling, talking about the fallout from NXT TakeOver War Games and Survivor Series, as well as the return of Paige to RAW, and the main roster debuts of Mandy Rose, Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, and Sonya Deville. All this and your emails!

  166. Thumb 1510879378 artwork

    103: Triple H in a Side Car

    DC and Doc talk about NXT Takeover and WWE Survivor Series. Surprising no one, the boy wander off and talk about potassium, Triple H riding in a side car, and Martin Van Buren's wife, Hannah Van Buren. Thanks, Pav.

  167. Thumb 1510792669 artwork

    Pontificast - The dream of a real NXT Takeover.

    DC ponders a world in which Triple H, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and the Undisputed Era took over Survivor Series. Why should it happen? How could it happen? Delve into the world of fantasy booking!

  168. Thumb 1510282461 artwork

    102: ...Good...

    Our triumphant return from hibernation! DC and Doc talk about the hottest wrestling news: Asuka debuts at TLC; Roman Reigns returns to action; Jericho takes on Omega at NJPW; Kevin Owens and Sammy Zayn get sent home from the UK tour; Emma gets released; AJ Styles wins the WWE Championship. All this, and your two week old emails!

  169. Thumb 1508541593 artwork

    DDT Podblast! Breaking News Edition!

    DC and Doc meet up for a quick podblast regarding today's breaking news. With some medical issues going around the RAW locker room, Kurt Angle will be wrestling in a WWE ring for the first time in nearly 10 years, and AJ Styles will be facing off against Finn Balor in what many might call a dream match!

  170. Thumb 1508453340 artwork
  171. Thumb 1508196798 artwork

    The Pontificast - DC goes here, there and everywhere.

    DC had a lot of little thoughts swimming through his brain so he decided to try to get them all out in 20 minutes or less. Impulse purchases, Cody vs. Roman, Black Panther, Halloween candy, Patton Oswalt and much more all make it into today's' Pontificast!

  172. Thumb 1508023028 artwork
  173. Thumb 1507855792 artwork

    100: A Doc-Sized Hole... In My Heart

    Holy hell, here we are for the 100th and final episode of DDT Wrestling, featuring some much appreciated and entirely too kind audio notes from Glenn, Pav, and Che. Join DC and Doc as they reminisce about 100 GLORIOUS episodes, and bid a fond farewell to the DDT Besties. Until next week.

  174. Thumb 1507561966 artwork
  175. Thumb 1507246342 artwork
  176. Thumb 1507153802 artwork

    Pontificast - Nothing Goldschlager can stay!

    Powered by a seasonal cocktail, DC offers tips on grilled cheese making, discusses the star power (and lack of star power) in NXT, and opines on HIAC using a PPV from the past.

  177. Thumb 1507069913 artwork

    Pontificast - GASP! WWE Remembered the Cruiserweights!

    A funny thing happened on the way to RAW these last few weeks - WWE seems to have remembered they have a cruiserweight division. After reading an e-mail, DC talks about the changes to the 205 or less division and ponders its future. Plus, today in wrestling history.

  178. Thumb 1506980066 artwork

    The Pontificast - The Search for Joy

    In these troubled times, DC explains why finding joy is important, how he discovered he needed to seek it out once more, and then shares his own joy with the NAIborhood.

  179. Thumb 1506641822 artwork

    98: WURDEBAR!


  180. Thumb 1506043009 artwork

    97: Have Mercy!

    DC and Doc talk about the passing of the late, great Bobby the Brain Heenan. They also take about the upcoming No Mercy PPV, and briefly weigh in on the promo controversy from this past week's Smackdown.

  181. Thumb 1505435972 artwork

    96: McMahon Returns!

    DC and Doc are back to talk about wrestling with you! The boy expound upon the Mae Young Classic, the Return of Vince McMahon, and the great week had by Kevin Owens on WWE Smackdown. Also, Asuka is coming to RAW! Doc is excited.

  182. Thumb 1504829038 artwork

    95: Running for Office

    DC and Doc spend an episode catching up on good, old fashioned weekly wrestling. DC keeps things positive, and Doc spends an inordinate amount of time being as politically correct as he can. All this and your emails! DDTWrestling@gmail.com

  183. Thumb 1504655530 artwork

    Mae Young Classic Ep. 5 - WrestleTrax - Round Two: FIGHT!

    Join DC and Doc as they talk over the fifth episode of the Mae Young Classic on the WWE Network. This episode marks the beginning of the second round of the tournament, and the action is really starting to pick up. Sync your video up to the 1 second mark and listen for the countdown!

  184. Thumb 1504226892 artwork
  185. Thumb 1504226449 artwork

    Mae Young Classic Ep. 3 - WrestleTrax - Third Round Knock Out

    The third round of the Mae Young Classic is upon us, so join DC and Doc as they talk over yet more wrestling! Spoiler, the action in this episode is a little reserved, but your hosts with the mosts make the best of it.

  186. Thumb 1504048929 artwork
  187. Thumb 1504042780 artwork

    Mae Young Classic Ep. 1 - WrestleTrax - Grabby Jazzy Gabbers Gets Good

    DC and Doc present a very special series of episodes, featuring your favorite (OK, fifth favorite) podcast hosts talking over the Mae Young Classic. Sync up your WWE Network to the 1 second mark of episode 1 of the MYC and join DC and Doc as they discover what's good in women's wrestling!

  188. Thumb 1503628012 artwork

    94: Victory Bone!

    DC and Doc are back to talk about the shows of yesterweek! The hosts bask in the warm, fuzzy glow of a week of pretty good wrestling, including NXT TakeOver and WWE SummerSlam. We also talk about the Superstar Shakeup that no one is talking about! All this and your emails! To join the show, send your questions to DDTWrestling@gmail.com!

  189. Thumb 1503009600 artwork
  190. Thumb 1502413436 artwork
  191. Thumb 1501777934 artwork

    The Pontificast, aka Checkin' In with @ChipKCTB!

    With Doc traveling, DC passes the Turing Test and talks to Chip K Fabe of Checkin' The Boots podcast and NAIborhood fame. The two friends spend most of their time discussing all things New Japan, but before that, DC wants to know about Chip's challenges coaching baseball, and whether or not he's tried the new ketchup filled donut.

    Be sure to follow @ChipKCTB on Twitter and check out "Checkin' The Boots" on iTunes!

  192. Thumb 1501198070 artwork

    91: Twittervention

    Welcome to Moes! DC and Doc are joined by GQ and Mrs. Manson for our weekly wrestling recap show. GQ has the time of his life, and Doc stages a Twitter intervention on behalf of DC. All this and more!

  193. Thumb 1500593480 artwork
  194. Thumb 1499990058 artwork
  195. Thumb 1499384358 artwork

    88: The Wrong Microphone

    You would think that after 88 episodes that Doc Manson would know how his microphone setup works, but this week features slightly terrible audio quality thanks to Doc recording through a microphone on the ground about 3 feet away from his desk. Good job, Doc. Good job. Also, Great Balls of Fire preDCtions and preDOCtions! Plus, DISAPPOINTMENT! #ControversyCreatesCast

  196. Thumb 1498818206 artwork

    87: Sharing a Space

    DC & Doc record an in-person DDT Wrestling and, to no one's surprise, go off the rails. The boy talk about the the NAIborhood Fantasy Draft, and all the latest RAW and Smackdown news as WWE Great Balls of Fire approaches.

  197. Thumb 1498692091 artwork
  198. Thumb 1496967377 artwork

    85: WAKA WAKA

    This week, DC & Doc talk about the aftermath from Extreme Rules. DC is back on the WWE train, baby! But Doc still has his doubts. Plus, we start getting to the bottom of the DDT International Tea Incident of 2017, but we need you help to get to the bottom of Biscuitgate! And your emails!

  199. Thumb 1496366736 artwork

    84: Baron Corbin is NOT on RAW

    Sorry about the audio quality on this one. Either way, the boys talk about their current interest levels in wrestling and spend time discussing Extreme Rules.

  200. Thumb 1495244481 artwork
  201. Thumb 1494977270 artwork

    DC Explains the NAIborhood Draft

    DC spends 20 minutes rambling about the NAIborhood draft. If you're interested in a fantasy mock draft about a fantasy sport, you might find it interesting.

  202. Thumb 1494548751 artwork

    82: BEEFCAKED!

    In this episode, DC and Doc talk about the lull they're experiencing with WWE television recently. They answer a series of emails, and you... get BEEFCAKED!

  203. Thumb 1493945505 artwork

    81: The Fashion Files

    DC and Doc talk about Payback before getting completely side tracked by theater. Also, other wrestling? And your emails!

  204. Thumb 1493338859 artwork

    80: You Are on the Verge of Something Big

    The boys talk wrestling, the night after Doc's mostly successful appearance on the New Age Insiders podcast. Sadly, Doc has almost nothing new to contribute, so you should probably just go and listen to that show. However, if you want to hear our preDCtions and preDOCtions for Payback, be sure to listen in!

  205. Thumb 1492735729 artwork

    79: Doorknobs Galore

    On this somber episode of Doc Talk, Doc Manson mourns the loss of his co-host, DC Matthews, the greatest caster to ever pod. Also, once that joke is done, the boys talk about the week in the wrestling! How about the Jinder Mahal, am I right?

  206. Thumb 1492131402 artwork

    78: THIS IS MY YARD!


  207. Thumb 1491665024 artwork
  208. Thumb 1491530088 artwork

    77: Thank you, Mr. Undertaker!

    Join DC and Doc for this very special episode as they share in a retrospective on the career of the Undertaker. #ThankYouTaker

  209. Thumb 1491063733 artwork

    The #NerdDC Wrestlemania Opus

    You've heard all four installments of NerdDC's ode to Wrestlemania - Now enjoy the complete works!

  210. Thumb 1491037578 artwork

    WWN - WrestleMEHnia Edition!

    Welcome to a very special WrestleMEHnia edition of the Weekly Wrestling News! In this episode, your host, Doc Manson, provides an in-depth look at all of the feuds and story lines leading into WrestleMania! Whether you're a die hard fan or this is your first time watching professional wrestling in years, this episode of the Weekly Wrestling News will get you ready for all of the fun and excitement this WrestleMania weekend!

  211. Thumb 1490920516 artwork

    76: Wrestlemania Is Here!!!

    DC and Doc are excited for WrestleMania weekend, and they celebrate that joy with a predictions and predoctions show covering all of WrestleMania and NXT TakeOver! NerdDC also graces out airwaves with the final installment of his Wrestlemania opus! Join the guys and celebrate your love for wrestling on this great weekend!

  212. Thumb 1490312481 artwork

    75: Wrestlemania Hype Train!

    Let the good times roll! DC and Doc talk about their favorite WrestleMania matches, discuss why they like WrestleMania as a spectacle, speculate about Shawn Michaels return from retirement, and retire an bad joke about Seph Wowins. All this and your emails, of which there are plenty!

  213. Thumb 1489966833 artwork

    Doc Talk 4 - RachhNoelle Strikes Back!

    We welcome back @rachhnoelle, the first returning guest on Doc Talk. Today we spend some time talking about Rachel's experiences in the wrestling industry. She tells us what it's like to help out with an independent wrestling promotion, and even tells us a little bit about what it's like to brush elbows with the stars!

  214. Thumb 1489707376 artwork

    74: To Be a Taco

    DC and Doc Talk about visiting foreign lands, debate the veracity of an email from a supposed Ukrainian fan, lament the early reviews of Iron Fist, classify what it means to be a taco, and dive deep into fast food favorites. Also, since this is an episode of DDT Wrestling, we also talk about wrestling.

  215. Thumb 1489112119 artwork

    73: Fastlane Fallout

    After the latest opus from #NerdDC kicks off the Wrestlemania season, DC and Doc talk about the aftermath of Fastlane and the week of wrestling that was. The road to Wrestlemania is looking good, if maybe just a little too well scouted. Doc also drops the greatest Bray Wyatt promo in the history of the world. We wrap up with emails, and discuss what it means to be a salad.

  216. Thumb 1488841901 artwork
  217. Thumb 1488503338 artwork

    72: Belittling Whittling (WWE Fastlane Predictions)

    DC and Doc Talk Wrestling! Topics this week include predictions for WWE Fastlane, and wild speculation about the build to Wrestlemania. Can Goldberg beat Kevin Owens? Does anyone care? Other than Jason, that is? Does anyone read these descriptions? If so, enjoy this easter egg and send an email about it to the address below! Finally, the double D's of T also talk about wood carving, terrible childhood memories, and answer your emails. All this and more on this episode of DDT Wrestling!

    Twitter: @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson

    Email: ddtwrestling@gmail.com

    Web: www.DDTPod.com

  218. Thumb 1487899457 artwork

    71: Sexy Doc!

    DC and Doc Talk Wrestling! This week, we talk about the build to Fastlane, the differences in philosophy between the RAW and Smackdown creative teams, our continued amazement with the advancement of Luke Harper and Braun Strowman, and Sexy Doc pays a visit to an extremely uncomfortable DC! All this and more!

  219. Thumb 1487540623 artwork

    Doc Talk Ep. 3 - Rachel Comes to the Doc Side

    Doc Manson sits down with community member and friend, Rachel, to talk about #NXTAlbany! Rachel shares her thoughts on the live show experience (spoiler: she's a fan), and gives her take on a number of NXT talents, including: Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, and others. Special appearance by the Arciszist, who occasionally chimes in with some patented background mumbles! We also briefly talk about RAW and the break up of JeriKO. All this and more on the latest episode of Doc Talk!

  220. Thumb 1487296732 artwork

    70: Friendship Just Made... THE LIST!

    DC & Doc Talk Wrestling! This week, we talk about the fallout from Elimination Chamber, the breakup of JeriKO, Bayley winning the RAW Women's title, and Bray Wyatt finally capturing the World Championship. We also talk about the effectiveness of emotionally charged gimmicks in the modern age, based on a story about wrestling from the Washington Post. Also, a taste test of Crystal Pepsi! All of this and even more Wrestlemania speculation! Only on DDT Wrestling!

  221. Thumb 1486690405 artwork

    69: DC Loves You, GQ

    DC & Doc Talk Wrestling! This time, our heroes are snowed in and spend the day discussing their predictions for the WWE's upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV event. Separately, DC deeply offends friend of the show, GQ, and does his best to make amends via pod. Doc talks about his latest infographics, including one on the Elimination Chamber and another on the evolution of Charlotte Flair. All this, and the boys ponder WrestleMania, including plans for Samoa Joe.

  222. Thumb 1486085706 artwork

    68 - BRAAAAAUN!

    DC and Doc talk about the Royal Rumble and RAW and Smackdown Live this past week. The boy discuss Seth Rollins' injury, the debut of Samoa Joe, and the current story lines leading into the Wrestlemania season. All this, and some good fun regarding everyone's favorite monster heel, BRRRRRRAAAAAAAUUUUN!

  223. Thumb 1485478619 artwork

    67 - A Very Royal Rumble, That's Right!

    Join DC and Doc as they talk about the 2017 Royal Rumble. The boys speculate about what the WWE have in store for their fans this weekend, and provide their PreDCtions and PreDOCtions for the most royal of matches. All that, and Doc reviews Wise Limited Edition Grilled Cheeseburger Fully Loaded potato chips! Mmm, meaty!

    Twitter: @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson Web: www.DDTPod.com Email: DDTWrestling@gmail.com

  224. Thumb 1484876611 artwork

    66 - Seabiscuit!

    DC and Doc talk wrestling! This week, DC bemoans the never arriving Royal Rumble and Doc investigates whether or not he has appendicitis. Doc also compares the latest with Sasha Banks to the Evil Dead 2. Finally, we give our quick thoughts on part 2 of the WWE UK Championship Tournament, and comment on the latest developments from RAW and Smackdown Live.

  225. Thumb 1484698052 artwork
  226. Thumb 1484272694 artwork

    65 - Becky Lynch got that Depth

    Join our heroes as Doc Manson mourns the arrival of the midseason break of Lucha Underground. DC then brings the conversation back to recent developments on RAW and Smackdown, including Jericho's US title win. Then, DC & Doc, the double D's of T, talk about our hopes and dreams leading up to the 2017 Royal Rumble match. Also, Becky Lynch. She got that depth, yo. All that, and your emails!

    Twitter: @DCMatthewsNAI @DocManson Email: DDTWrestling@gmail.com Web: www.DDTPod.com FB: www.facebook.com/DDTPod

  227. Thumb 1483666436 artwork

    64 - Mr. Racoon Visits DC

    DC and Doc talk about all the wrestling they missed at the end of 2016, and that which has occurred thus far in 2017. Although DC bemoans the lack of recent WWE PPVs, Doc cheerfully reminds him that Smackdown gave a PPV worthy show at the end of the year. Continuing this positivity, Doc even talks a little about why he liked Stephanie McMahon on RAW this past week. Afterwards, DC is visited by either a raccoon, or possibly the disgruntled spirit of Rowdy Roddy Piper. All of this, and a ton of emails from the DDT Besties! Also, spam!

    Twitter: @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson Email: DDTWrestling@gmail.com Web: www.DDTPod.com

  228. Thumb 1483113026 artwork

    DDT Awards 2016 Podstravaganza! - Part III

    The grand finale of the 2016 DDT Awards Podstravaganza! We begin by welcoming you back to Manson Manor with a rousing and raucous rendition of Jingle Bell Rock, then continue with deciding the winners of the following categories: Best Moment; Biggest Developments; Best Feud; Best Storyline; Stories Best Forgotten; Greatest Resurgence of a Superstar; Best Tag Line of 2016 Sponsored by Chris Jericho; Oh, Thank God Award; Mrs. Manson Presents Best Styyyyyle; Top 5 Finishers; 1-on-1 Match of the Year; and finally, the Top 10 Wrestlers of 2016. Is your favorite superstar among the 10 best, according to DC, Doc, Mrs. Manson, and GQ? Find out in this thrilling conclusion to the 2016 DDT Awards! Part 3 of 3.

    Happy Holidays, DDT Besties! See you in the New Year!

    @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson


  229. Thumb 1483111433 artwork

    DDT Awards 2016 Podstravaganza! - Part II

    Part II of the 2016 DDT Awards Podstravaganza! This episode picks up after the unexpected, cliffhanger ending of Part I. Will we ever find out who wins the "What Were They Thinking?" award? Will we ever find out what happened to GQ? Will we ever choose winners for categories, including: Holy Poo Moment of the Year; Biggest Disappointment; the Daniel Bryan Memorial Award; The Well, Well, Well, What Have We Here? Wellness Award; Best Inanimate Object; Milk Carton Blues (Missing in Action); Biggest Blackest Hole of Charisma; Silliest Moment; Best Evolution of Character/Gimmick; Criminal Underuse; and the Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (Worst Trend) Award. SPOILER: YES! All this and more! In Part II of the 2016 DDT Awards Podstravaganza! Happy Holidays, DDT Besties! Part 2 of 3.

    @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson


  230. Thumb 1483110591 artwork

    DDT Awards 2016 Podstravaganza! - Part I

    It's the holiday season, which can mean only one thing! The DDT Awards are upon us! Join DC, Doc, and friend, GQ, as they tackle their first batch of unique categories, including the Triple H Ponytail Memorial, Long Distance Dedication, The Next Big Indie Star, Lince Dorado Presents the Cruisiest Cruiserweight, Most Glorious Entrance Music, and the What Were They Thinking awards! Part 1 of 3!

    @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson


  231. Thumb 1482869750 artwork

    Doc Talk 2 - The Arciszist

    Doc Talk returns for a brief chat with an old friend with a new microphone. All hail the holiday season! Talk centers about the past of the self-proclaimed Arciszist, his history with professional wrestling, and his take on the current WWE product. Plus, you get more Doc Manson! What's not to love?

  232. Thumb 1482486328 artwork

    Episode 63 - Happy Holidays from DDT Wrestling!

    This week, Doc and DC discuss the holiday season, Roadblock, beer, all the happenings of RAW and Smackdown, their worries about Mick Foley and dive into the DDT Poll!

  233. Thumb 1482193055 artwork
  234. Thumb 1481849723 artwork

    Episode 62 - WWEUK, Squirrels, Roadblock and Hostess Cupcakes

    This week, DC and Doc fully intend on starting off their conversation with the news of the new WWE United Kingdom Championship match. 10 minutes later, they finally discuss it, followed by a brief pit stop on Black Excellence before diving into Roadblock #PreDCtions and #PreDOCtions. After some Smackdown Smack Talk, it's time for our e-mails, in which DC's replacement is contemplated.

  235. Thumb 1481247952 artwork

    Episode 61 - DISMISSED!

    This week, DC and Doc offer their most contentious episode yet, as a discussion about Doc's problems with RAW and DC's problems with Smackdown Live turns into a debate on their wrestling viewing habits. They still manage to find time to ponder the future of SD following TLC, whether white chocolate is real chocolate, Sasha and Charlotte's Ironwoman Match and the difference between favorite foods and best foods. Plus, of course, YOUR e-mails!

  236. Thumb 1480639627 artwork

    Episode 60 - TLC, Peppermint, YouTube Gaming and Hot Bean Burritos!

    This week, DC and Doc find themselves previewing yet another WWE PPV, making PreDCtions and PreDOCtions for Sunday's TLC. Along the way, Doc samples peppermint hot chocolate, DC drops the mic again (literally), and they ponder the merits of streaming their video game experiences.

  237. Thumb 1480272010 artwork
  238. Thumb 1479520673 artwork

    58 - Survivor Series: Brock Brockner vs. Bill Billberg

    It's a mad, mad, mad, live episode of DDT Wrestling! Join us on the couch as DC Matthews ventures forth to Manson Manor bringing copious amounts of Chinese food in tow. Our story begins just as our heroes are thoroughly incapacitated by the sheer volume of food consumed. And then, Survivor Series is discussed, predictions are made, and Thanksgiving dinner is dissected, analyzed, and reconfigured into a bowl of leftovers and horror.

  239. Thumb 1478744126 artwork

    Episode 57 - Election Day Coverage . . . Even if it's not on Election Day

    DC and Doc sat down on Monday to discuss the world of professional wrestling, as they are wont to do. Doc shares some thoughts on HIAC and they chat about 205 Live. They then, as they are also wont to do, forget to post the show for a few days, so ya know. . . Enjoy!

  240. Thumb 1478349524 artwork

    Pontificast - DC reflects on the week in wrestling

    With his partner Doc Manson locked in the Hades of Homeownership, DC trudges on his own to offer his thoughts on Hell in a Cell, RAW, Smackdown and 205 Live. He also makes a book series recommendation. Heel DC takes over a few times, but the Pope of Positivity battles back valiantly!

  241. Thumb 1477617694 artwork

    Episode 56 - Satan and his Dog. . . In a Cell!

    This week, DC and Doc are too busy eating to start the show proper, which in turn leads to a 20+ minute discussion on GMO's, Nutrition and Gluten Sensitivity. . . No, really, it totally happened. Once back on "track", it's time for Hell in a Cell PreDCtions and PreDOCtions, with some brief stops on the world of wrestling along the way. Then, it's your e-mails!

  242. Thumb 1477041050 artwork

    Episode 55 - Almonds, Donuts, Owens, Styles / HBK and Retching on Command!

    This week, both DC and Doc have seasonal concoctions to discuss as well as Doc's passion for Halloween decorations, so the wrestling talk doesn't start until well past the 30 minute mark. The guys make up for it by covering whether Chris Jericho is helping or hurting his best friend's title legitimacy, the potential of a Styles and HBK match, the women's "main event" for HIAC and the genius of James Ellsworth. Plus, as always, your emails!

  243. Thumb 1476622145 artwork

    Weekly Wrestling News - Ep. 7

    This was a big week for news in the world of professional wrestling. We cover the return of Goldberg to the WWE, the return of Mickie James to NXT, the announcement of the first women's division Hell in a Cell, and the continued collapse of TNA.

  244. Thumb 1476438854 artwork

    Episode 54 - Pumpkinpalooza, Goldberg, Women in a Cell, Survivor Series and Eating Pepper Spray

    This week, the show never quite gets on the rails, as Doc commandeers the show with not one, not two but THREE Shocktober themed concoctions. DC valiantly tries to steer the conversation back to wrestling, covering all the major happenings of the week, but Doc, as usual, continually obstructs, so they wind up discussing Rick Moranis, the Original Six teams of the NHL and the pros and cons of ingesting pepper spray. You've been warned.

  245. Thumb 1476137114 artwork

    By The Book - DC Opines on No Mercy, Changing Barbers, Survivor Series and More!

    DC, having watched No Mercy in the wee hours of the morning, wonders whether Smackdown Live would have been better off with its own November PPV, offering up his version of one. He then tries to Make Survivor Series Great Again by booking a traditional PPV full of elimination tag matches, offering a dream battle of trio stables in the main event.

  246. Thumb 1475978190 artwork

    Weekly Wrestling News - Ep. 6

    This week we cover the latest news from the WWE, including Vince McMahon's return to television production, the premier of Total Bellas, the latest from RAW, and SmackDown Live's go home show before No Mercy.

  247. Thumb 1475712098 artwork

    Episode 53 - No Mercy, Halloween Candy, RAW and The List!

    This week, the guys once again debate the merits of forsaking pro wrestling to discuss other topics, primarily being their favorite Halloween candy. They eventually get to No Mercy PreDCtions and PreDOCtions, before discussing all the other news and notes in WWE!

  248. Thumb 1475373315 artwork

    Weekly Wrestling News - Ep. 5

    This week, we provide a dramatic reading of Orton: Repercussions of Booking, a meme which appeared on Twitter during SmackDown Live this week. We also cover the fallout from Clash of Champions, RAW, and Smackdown, covering WWE superstars Heath Slater, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, and Nikki Bella.

  249. Thumb 1475231902 artwork

    Episode 52 - TNA, The Ceiling for Women in WWE, Thoughts on the Week and NerdDC goes Jericho!

    This week, NerdDC tries to be punk, Doc and DC eat some seasonal concoctions (even if one tries to channel Girl Scout Season), then they delve into the major events of RAW and Smackdown this week. What did Doc think of Clash of Champions? Will Dolph Ziggler win the IC title? Has DC recovered from the lack of Bo Dallas? The guys also debate the possible futures of TNA and wonder whether or not female wrestling can ever truly main event a WWE PPV. Plus, of course, your e-mails!

  250. Thumb 1474929934 artwork

    By the Book 6 - Where does RAW go from Clash of Champions?

    Less than 24 hours after Clash of Champions, DC sits down and ponders aloud the possibilities for all the talent involved in RAW's first individual PPV offering. What makes the most sense for next month's HIAC? Could we ever see a woman's match inside a Cell? Does Sami Zayn belong in the Cruiserweight Division? Is Rusev ready for the main event? What exactly is lasagna soup? All of this and more is answered when DC goes By The Book!

  251. Thumb 1474751848 artwork

    Weekly Wrestling News - Episode 4

    The Weekly Wrestling News is your source for the fake news! This week we interview #NerdDC about his new hit single, Nerdanomics. Also, we report the latest news regarding WWE RAW and Smackdown, including coverage regarding Nikki Bella's twitter account and Johnny Gargano's wedding. All this and more, on the Weekly Wrestling News - Episode 4!

  252. Thumb 1474593793 artwork

    51 - Live From the Manson Mansion: Clash of the Champions Predictions

    The boys are back, live and in person, for an energetic romp covering the latest #NerdDC parody masterpiece, Clash of the Champions predictions, and the debut of the Cruiserweights on RAW. Some #Shocktober shenanigans occur when Doc eats a Hostess Pumpkin Spice Cupcake, and DC gets in on the action with some Apple Spice Donuts. Doc also briefly talks about the Awakening and Bayley's passage into womanhood. All this and more! Only on DDT Wrestling!

  253. Thumb 1474163598 artwork

    Weekly Wrestling News - Episode 3

    The Weekly Wrestling News is your source for the fake wrestling news. This week, we talk about the fallout from Backlash, the latest happenings on RAW and Smackdown, and cover reports that Vince McMahon sustained an injury while training. Smackdown commentator David Otunga also joins us for a nonsensical interview.

  254. Thumb 1473931993 artwork
  255. Thumb 1473721583 artwork

    By The Book - "OMG Styles is the World Champ" Edition

    After a styles-ish intro by Nerd DC, the Pope of Positivity tries to figure out the many roads to Wrestlemania that are possible with AJ Styles as the Smackdown World Champion. How does John Cena factor into all of this? Could Samoa Joe play a role? All this and more as DC goes #ByTheBook!

  256. Thumb 1474163756 artwork

    Weekly Wrestling News - Episode 2

    In this episode of the fake wrestling news, Doc Manson covers the latest developments in WWE, Lucha Underground, and TNA. DC Matthews joins the fake news to preview upcoming shows debuting on the WWE Network, and gives a rundown of some birthdays in the world of professional wrestling.

  257. Thumb 1473380845 artwork

    Episode 49 - Backlash, Lucha Underground, RAW and the return of the Pumpkin Spice Podcast

    Despite DC's most valiant efforts to start the show talking about the wonders of Bo Dallas, Doc Manson quickly takes over and sadly resumes SHOCKTOBER here at DDT Wrestling. After he samples today's concoctions, the guys delve into Sunday's Backlash, making #PreDCtions and #PreDOCtions, while also pumping the tires of their new endeavors, the Weekly Wrestling News and #WrestleRankEm. They then touch on Lucha Underground Season 3, the upcoming Cruiserweight Division and the good and bad of RAW before ending, as always, with the mailbag.

  258. Thumb 1473041878 artwork
  259. Thumb 1472805761 artwork

    Episode 48 - DC and Doc Talk "Doc Talk", Kevin Owens, 7 Days to Die and the Future of the Brand Extension

    Hot off the success of Doc Manson's first solo podcast (also available on your friendly DDT Wrestling feed), the guys discuss the sweet science Doc used to break down RAW and Smackdown Live. Then, DC asks about the success and failure of No Man's Sky, which leads them down a 30 minute tangent on video games, specifically Doc's personal favorite, "7 Days to Die." Finally, they get back on track by dipping into the mailbag, where a DDT Wrestling Bestie inquires about the long term future of the WWE Brand Extension.

  260. Thumb 1472692226 artwork

    Doc Talk Ep. 1 - The Sweet Science

    Welcome to the Doc Side! When left to himself, Doc ends up applying the sweet science to figure out who really won the week of wrestling, Raw or SmackDown.

  261. Thumb 1472335151 artwork

    The Pontificast 3 - The Periscope Edition! (Discussing Summer Slam)

    With Doc Manson still trapped in the lab, DC turns to Periscope for co-hosts, chatting with members of the NAIborhood about Summer Slam. What does WWE see when they look at Enzo and Cass? How could the brand split save a major WWE PPV? Can we officially call 2016 "The Phenomenal Year" in pro wrestling? All this and more on The Pontificast!

  262. Thumb 1472169377 artwork

    The Pontificast - From the Great North Woods, DC flies solo to break down NXT and the Summer Slam preshow.

    With Doc Manson trapped in the lab (literally), DC shares his thoughts on the state of NXT following Takeover Brooklyn II and then, just because he can, looks at the three matches from the Summer Slam pre-show. Does Sami Zayn's greatest success lie in the cruiserweight division? Why is Heath Slater getting in the way of potential greatness? How do you solve a problem like Asuka? All this and more from the haven of the pine trees!

  263. Thumb 1471481102 artwork

    Episode 47 - DC and Doc talk Summer Slam Weekend

    This week, it's all about PreDCtions and PreDOCtions for NXT Takeover Brooklyn and Summer Slam, though they couldn't resist touching on the recent suspensions of Alberto Del Rio and Paige. Which matches will steal the show this weekend? Which match might cause both our heroes to fall asleep? WHERE IS THE DEMON KING? All this and more answered on DDT Wrestling!

  264. Thumb 1470961174 artwork

    Episode 46 - DC and Doc Talk Gimmicks, Timing, Summer Slam and Suicide Squad

    This week, DC and Doc are all over the map. Doc rants on the questionable timing of the Rollins and Balor segments on RAW, and DC brings it to a broader topic of gimmicks in general, particularly those coming up from NXT. Then, Doc calls Sasha Banks an idiot, and DC leaves him out to dry. In addition, the boys talk about Sandow to TNA, try to figure out what in the world to make of Andrade Almas, continue to praise Eva Marie on Smackdown, debate the effectiveness of Dean Ambrose's championship reign, and share some thoughts on Suicide Squad.

  265. Thumb 1470390248 artwork

    Episode 45 - DC and Doc have a GLORIOUS conversation.

    This week, the guys cover topics across RAW, Smackdown Live and NXT, as well as try to settle the "bone or no bone" chicken wing controversy once and for all. Should Fandango have done as well against Randy Orton? Was the opening segment of RAW a sign of positive change? Why is Suicide Squad getting such bad reviews? All this, plus your e-mails, on DDT Wrestling!

  266. Thumb 1469785620 artwork

    Episode 44 - DC and Doc Talk about the New Era

    After a whirlwind week of wrestling, DC and Doc try to break down everything that has been going on with the brand extension. Doc explains his issues with Monday Night RAW while DC tries to rally people to his cause of not comparing the two brands to each other. Plus, they ponder the Universal title, the benefit of squash matches, whether or not WWE should have dragged out the announcement of Summer Slam's main event matches, and take your questions with #AskDDT!

  267. Thumb 1469187502 artwork
  268. Thumb 1469047605 artwork

    Episode 42 - DC and Doc talk WWE Draft Reaction!

    Less than 24 hours after the WWE Draft is in the books, DC and Doc sit down once more to discuss their feelings on what happened for RAW and Smackdown. How did the women's division shape up? Are the cruiserweights on the right show? All this and more on this week's fine episode of DDT Wrestling!

  269. Thumb 1469038697 artwork

    DDT WWE Draft Special Edition - Oh, the Insanity!

    During the first episode of Smackdown Live, which featured the WWE Brand Extension Draft, Doc and DC sat down with their wives and their long-time friend, GQ, to watch the show. They thought it would be a good idea to record their comments and feedback for posterity. This is the unfortunate result of that really bad decision.

  270. Thumb 1468848157 artwork

    By the Book 4: Brand Split Draft Edition!

    Hot off the heels of the rules of the WWE Draft (and a brand new theme song), DC tries to read between the lines, making #PreDCtions and doing a bit of fantasy booking for both the main and NXT rosters. He also spends more time than necessary talking about the movie Hook.

  271. Thumb 1468548893 artwork

    Episode 41 - DC and Doc talk Draft, Draft, Draft.

    This week it is all about the WWE Brand Extension draft. DC and Doc look it from multiple angles, discussing GMs, the actual format of the draft, teams, announcers, women, Roman Reigns, and more! Also, #NerdDC makes his triumphant return and Doc rants about not being invited on more podcasts. Plus, your emails!

  272. Thumb 1467802437 artwork

    Episode 40 - DC and Doc Talk Ecto Cooler, Lucha Underground, Final Deletion and Brock Lesnar

    This week, Doc continues his creepy culinary crusade by spending quite a bit of time with some Ecto Cooler. The guys then delve into Lucha Underground for much longer than either of them anticipated before spending a bit of time discussing the upcoming Final Deletion match. They wrap up the show discussing the mystery opponent for Brock Lesnar, and why they both want Paul Heyman on their WWE TV far more often.

  273. Thumb 1467339673 artwork

    Episode 39 - DC and Doc Talk about a little bit of everything.

    When Doc Manson hijacks the podcast right away to Periscope his experience with Ghostbuster Twinkies, DC knows he is in for a very stream of consciousness show. Plus, soon after it is discovered that the DDT Wrestling t-shirt is available NOW on Pro Wrestling Tees!

    Once they get down to business, the boys discuss DC's frustration with others' being frustrated about Kane, Roman Reigns, the pros and cons of cancelling cable, Rollins' acknowledgement of the Reigns suspension, the Bioshock video game series, Dean Ambrose's crazy show schedule, John Cena's losses and much more!

  274. Thumb 1466960411 artwork

    The Pontificast - DC returns from his island adventure!

    After a week of sun and sail, DC returns to share his thoughts on Roman Reigns' suspension, the return of Sasha Banks and the Wyatts, the mistake Kurt Angle likely made, as well as sharing his view of NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic.

  275. Thumb 1466730835 artwork

    Manson Family Podcast - Episode 2 - DC Goes on Holiday

    Doc and Mrs. Manson are running the good ship DDT this week, while DC is out sailing. Doc and the good Mrs. talk about the biggest news in wrestling so far this year, including: Roman Reigns suspended; SmackDown going live; the return of the Brand Split; and we top it all off with talk about the wrestling phenomenon lighting up the Manson household, Lucha Underground.

  276. Thumb 1466072332 artwork

    Episode 38 - DC and Doc Talk MITB, Stephanie's Interview and what's wrong with WWE.

    This week, DC and Doc make their PreDCtions and PreDOCtions for Money In The Bank. DC reads parts of Stephanie McMahon's Facebook Q&A just to rile Doc up, then they play a game to figure out how many WWE talents they truly have an interest in. They also go over the potential for MORE WWE PPVs, and what that means for their wrestle watching habits.

  277. Thumb 1465668352 artwork
  278. Thumb 1465520803 artwork

    Episode 37 - DC and Doc talk Takeover:The End, RAW and the proper way to eat corn on the cob

    This week, DC and Doc break down NXT: Takeover: The End, offering their thoughts on the matches and their ideas of what's next for WWE's third "brand". They then turn their eyes towards RAW, where they praise AJ Styles for perhaps his best promo yet, thanks to one John Cena. Doc goes on an epic rant about Stephanie McMahon, and DC applauds Tyler Breeze and Fandango for their matching vests. Plus, of course, your e-mails!

  279. Thumb 1465062305 artwork
  280. Thumb 1464921351 artwork

    Episode 36 - DC and Doc talk Rollins, Styles, Takeover and Brand Split!

    This week, we determine that watching Lucha Underground regularly is spoiling Doc Manson on WWE, as our favorite PhD holder takes Seth Rollins, the storyline between John Cena and AJ Styles and the brand extension to task. DC tries to stay positive by discussing NXT Takeover: The End, Goldberg in #TheHatch and the potential benefits of Smackdown going live. However, he also makes Doc watch that Hardy TNA video live on the show. Plus, as always, your e-mails and iTunes reviews!

  281. Thumb 1464629949 artwork

    By the Book 2: Women's MITB and Fixing Survivor Series

    DC is back at his fantasy booking ways, offering up his idea of a Women's MITB match, finding a way for Tyler Breeze and Fandango to win the tag titles and making Survivor Series a Big 4 PPV again by focusing on the idea of survival. He also accidentally creates a wrestler named Sami Owens.

  282. Thumb 1464259416 artwork
  283. Thumb 1464120560 artwork

    By The Book: A Fantasy Booking Podcast - Episode 1

    With a pocket full of ideas and way too much free time, DC Matthews offers his inaugural edition of "By The Book: A Fantasy Booking Podcast." In this episode, DC takes a look at the Money in the Bank field (including the two wrestlers he assumes will fill out the match) and offers some ideas of how they could all use the briefcase. Plus, of course, he goes on tangents.

  284. Thumb 1463705462 artwork

    Episode 34 - DC and Doc Talk Extreme Rules...Among Other Things

    This week, DC and Doc offer some #PreDCtions and #PreDOCtions for this Sunday's Extreme Rules event. The Pope of Positivity returns in grand style as DC is back to his optimistic self, thanks to the help of NerdDC. Doc shares some insights into adulting and some opinions about Stephanie McMahon, the Gift of the Gods match from Lucha Underground, and Roman Reigns.

  285. Thumb 1463132656 artwork

    DDT Wrestling Episode 33 - DC and Doc Talk the World of Wrestling

    In this episode, Doc Manson (with special guest Mrs. Manson) takes DC and the NAIborhood on a whirlwind journey through his weekend of wrestle watching, from Progress, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground and yes, even TNA! DC shares his opinions on Camp WWE and offers some fantasy booking ideas on the tag titles and a potential change for the NXT belts. Also, the guys manage to discuss what's going on in WWE, from AJ Styles to Adam Rose, plus answer their mailbag!

  286. Thumb 1462579739 artwork

    DDT Wrestling Episode 32 - DC and Doc Talk WWE Releases

    In this special episode, DC and Doc discuss today's 8 released WWE Superstars, including Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett and Santino Marella. Also, we briefly pause to chat about the new gimmick for Darren Young and for the "Straight Cash Homie" himself, Luke Harper.

  287. Thumb 1462514209 artwork

    DDT Wrestling Episode 31 - DC and Doc Talk: Potpourri Edition!

    DC and Doc span the gamut of topics more widely than ever, covering Spamalot (and the musical stylings of Eric Idle), Camp WWE and Doc's new appreciation for Lucha Underground vs. Ring of Honor. In addition, Ant-Man and Marvel's Civil War, whether or not the WWE and NXT rosters are too big and a trip to the mailbag, all while also covering the results of Payback and Monday Night RAW!

  288. Thumb 1461889542 artwork

    DDT Wrestling Episode 30: DC and Doc Talk Payback! (Featuring Nerd DC!)

    In this PreDCtion and PreDOCtion episode, DC Matthews and Doc Manson discuss their thoughts on WWE Payback and try to figure out why this show doesn't seem as exciting as it should. Plus, the boys talk movie trailers for Warcraft and TMNT 2, dive into a quick mailbag and NerdDC drops his second track!

  289. Thumb 1461416206 artwork

    29 - DC and Doc Talk Intrigue and Weird Al!

    Back from the Great North Woods, DC reunites with Doc Manson to discuss Samoa Joe's title win and the ramifications for NXT and WWE, the Global Cruiserweight Series and its ramifications for WWE Network and the independent scene and their love of Weird Al and his ramifications on their musical lives!

  290. Thumb 1461290635 artwork

    The Manson Family Podcast - Episode 1

    With DC Matthews lost in the wilderness of the Great North, Doc Manson is joined by a very special guest: the one, the only, the amazing Mrs. Manson! The Manson Family gabs about how Mrs. Manson first got into wrestling, her thoughts on many talents on the main WWE roster, and even fulfills a mailbag request!

  291. Thumb 1460715641 artwork
  292. Thumb 1460108975 artwork

    Episode 27 - DC and Doc Talk about the State of WWE following Wrestlemania weekend.

    DC and Doc break down everything that happened on the RAW after Wrestlemania and where we stand in WWE heading into "the new year". Did Doc's opinions on Mania change following RAW? Could DC convince his partner that the Miz truly is awesome?

    Also, DC lays down some funky beats and Mrs. Manson makes multiple deliveries.

  293. Thumb 1459815306 artwork

    Episode 26 - DC and Doc Talk Wrestlemania

    Despite only being an hour or two before the RAW after Wrestlemania, the guys sit down to break down Wrestlemania. How were the matches? How did we feel about the results? All this and more on today's episode!

  294. Thumb 1459620399 artwork

    Episode 25 - DC and Doc Talk NXT Takeover Dallas!

    NXT Takeover Dallas is in the history books and DC and Doc break down the results and their reactions. Did Shinsuke Nakamura work his way into Doc's heart? Was American Alpha and The Revival as good as DC predicted? Could anything make the guys enjoy Finn Balor? We've got all that and more!

  295. Thumb 1459421642 artwork

    Episode 24 - It's Wrestlemania week! Time for our PreDCtions and PreDOCtions!

    With mere days to go before NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania, DC and Doc break down all the matches we expect to see during this wild weekend of wrestling. Predictions are made and opinions are shared as the guys try to guess what we'll be most excited about at this time next week! It's a good time to be a professional wrestling fan!

  296. Thumb 1458890419 artwork

    23 - The Penultimate Show before Wrestlemania

    With a week to go before Wrestlemania weekend, DC and Doc Talk about all things NXT and WWE. They debate the likelihood of victory for Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose while also celebrating the WWE rebirth of one Zack Ryder. They then turn their eyes to Full Sail, pondering the futures of Bayley and Finn Balor whilst also marveling at the wonders of Asuka. And, of course, they dive into the mailbag.

  297. Thumb 1458604443 artwork

    22.5 - The Launch of DDTpod.com / DDTwrestling.com

    Doc Manson and DC Matthews announce what their #SuperSecretBestieProject has been - DDTpod.com / DDTwrestling.com, their own website for all things professional wrestling!

  298. Thumb 1458491107 artwork

    22 - All NXT Special! (Or not)

    This week on DDT Wrestling, DC feels like it should be a NXT only show, which of course means Doc tries to talk about everything but Full Sail University. We cover Shinsuke Nakamura, the non-entity that is Finn Balor, break down Roadblock and Mrs. Manson, of course, brings Doc food. Twice.

    BeOurBestie by sending us an e-mail to ddtwrestling@gmail.com or find us on Twitter - @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson

  299. Thumb 1458171285 artwork

    21 - Hatsy Hits A Roadblock

    This week on #DDTWrestling, DC and Doc break down what little we know about WWE Roadblock, answer an octet of e-mails and talk 10 Cloverfield Lane and Marvel's Civil War. Listen to discover why DC has absolutely zero future as an accent coach and which flavor of Starbursts Doc Manson prefers!

    Find us on Twitter - @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson and Be Our Bestie by sending us an e-mail - ddtwrestling@gmail.com

  300. Thumb 1458172243 artwork

    20 - #TeamGibbler

    This week, DC and Doc talk #WWERoadblock, debate the merits of Y2AJ, Doc plans a horror movie and DC confesses he's become a fan of Baron Corbin. We also dip into a deep, deep mailbag!

    Join the conversation - @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson and Be Our Bestie by sending emails to ddtwrestling@gmail.com!

  301. Thumb 1458348058 artwork
  302. Thumb 1458360043 artwork

    18 - WWE Fastlane PreDCtions/PreDOCtions

    It's #PreDCtion and #PreDOCtion time for WWE Fastlane as the boys break down the entire card. They also discuss the Global Cruiserweight Series, NXT and open their mailbag!

    Become our bestie and be part of the show! ddtwrestling@gmail.com Or find us on Twitter - @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson

  303. Thumb 1458397143 artwork

    17 - Farewell to BullFit

    This week on DDT Wrestling, DC and Doc run the gamut of topics. Among the things discussed are Daniel Bryan, Titus O'Neil, what separates real hot cocoa from Swiss Miss, Dean Ambrose, Bull Dempsey, Scott Steiner's HOF credentials, video games, NXT and the road to WWE FastLane. We also get a great e-mail which leads to us once again discussing the art of the heel.

    Follow @DocManson and @DCMatthewsNAI, and send your e-mails to ddtwrestling@gmail.com so you can #BeHeard

  304. Thumb 1458399781 artwork

    16 - The Great Name Switching Caper

    This week on #DDTWrestling, Doc and DC break open the mailbag, discuss the road to Wrestlemania, chat briefly about NXT, and for the first part of the show, call each other by the wrong name.

    Find us on Twitter - @DocManson and @DCMatthewsNAI. Get your voice heard by sending an e-mail to DDTwrestling@gmail.com

  305. Thumb 1458399930 artwork

    15 - The Road to WrestleMania Begins!

    DC and Doc discuss the beginnings of the Road to Wrestlemania, talking about the Royal Rumble and the set-up for FastLane. They also delve into NXT and even spend a minute or two on Lucha Underground. For the first time ever, Mrs. Manson makes an audible appearance.

    Follow Doc and DC on Twitter - @DocManson / @DCMatthewsNAI.

    Send them e-mails for the show - ddtwrestling@gmail.com

  306. Thumb 1458399992 artwork

    14 - Royal Reaction to the Rumble!

    This week on DDTWrestling, DC and Doc talk about all things Royal Rumble, making their PreDCtions and PreDOCtions. They also discuss AJ Styles in WWE, their favorite kinds of pie and dive into their mailbag!

    Follow the guys on Twitter - @DocManson and @DCMatthewsNAI and get YOUR thoughts out there by sending an e-mail to DDTwrestling@gmail.com!

  307. Thumb 1458400638 artwork

    13 - Off the Rails, Farewell to Hans Gruber

    This week's episode of DDT Wrestling goes off the rails quickly. DC and Doc give a new meaning to the phrase "Stream of Consciousness Podcasting", covering RAW, the Royal Rumble, NXT and Sting's Hall of Fame speech while also discussing Alan Rickman, brownies and why they can't seem to find a solid way to end the show.

    Send your emails for DC and Doc to ddtwrestling@gmail.com

  308. Thumb 1458400635 artwork

    12 - Cena Injured and the Bullett Club

    This week on #DDTWrestling, Doc and DC try to catch up on a whirlwind week in pro wrestling. John Cena's injury, the changes to the Royal Rumble and the potential WWE debuts of Nakamura and the Bullet Club are all discussed!

    Plus, we crack into the NAI150 and DC and Doc share their opinions on comic book movies.

    Join the conversation at ddtwrestling@gmail.com or find us on Twitter - @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson

  309. Thumb 1458423823 artwork

    2015 DDT Wrestling Awards - Part 1

    This week, #DDTWrestling is proud to present their first annual #DDTAwards, a 2 part saga covering all things WWE and NXT. In Part 1, DC and Doc discuss their nominees for categories such as Best Hair, the Best and Worst storylines of 2015 and much more!

    Join the conversation at ddtwrestling@gmail.com or find us on Twitter - @DocManson @DCMatthewsNAI

  310. Thumb 1458423827 artwork

    2015 DDT Wrestling Awards - Part 2

    This week, #DDTWrestling is proud to present their first annual #DDTAwards, a 2 part saga covering all things WWE and NXT. In Part 2, DC and Doc discuss their nominees for categories such as their favorite #WrestleSilly moment of 2015, wettest wrestler and try to determine their Top Ten Talents of the year!

    Join the conversation at ddtwrestling@gmail.com or find us on Twitter - @DocManson @DCMatthewsNAI

  311. Thumb 1458425826 artwork

    11 - Merry Happy Holidays!

    This week on DDT Wrestling, Doc and DC unwind from the Christmas holiday by discussing this week's RAW and NXT, ponder the Slammy Awards and prepare for their MEGAPOD coming up on New Year's Day!

    Find us on Twitter - @DocManson and @DCMatthewsNAI or at ddtwrestling@gmail.com

  312. Thumb 1458427242 artwork

    10 - Aftermath: NXT TakeOver: London

    DC and Doc Talk about the whirlwind week in wrestling, covering NXT TakeOver: London, TLC and Monday Night RAW. They debate the last time WWE has had a week this positive. They also open the vault on the year-end #DDTAwards, beginning to discuss potential categories.

    @DCMatthewsNAI, @DocManson and ddtwrestling@gmail.com

  313. Thumb 1458427259 artwork

    9 - WWE TLC - PreDCtions/PreDOCtions

    This week on DDT Wrestling, Doc and DC discuss the best wrestler to have your back in a bar fight, make #PreDCtions and #PreDOCtions for WWETLC and TakeOver: London, share thoughts on Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sting and more!

    Send your e-mails to DDTwrestling@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter - @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson!

  314. Thumb 1458433694 artwork

    8 - Ratings Don't Matter

    On this week's episode of DDTWrestling, DC and Doc discuss the definition of "mark out moments", talk about RAW and NXT and celebrate National Cookie Day. Doc rants about ratings and DC comments on why Dewey Foley got his WWE job. Plus, the boys dive into the mailbag!

    Follow us on Twitter at @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson!

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  321. Thumb 1458474872 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 19 / DDT Wrestling Ep. 1

    No intro. music this week as we transition into the new podcast name, DDT Wrestling! DDT stands for DC and Doc Talk Wrestling. Doc talks about his #Shocktober horror movie quest and provides pumpkin spice updates. DC tries desperately to keep the show on the rails, once again.

    DDT Wrestling Episode 1 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson. Send your emails to DDTWrestling@gmail.com

  322. Thumb 1458475406 artwork
  323. Thumb 1458475445 artwork
  324. Thumb 1458475747 artwork
  325. Thumb 1458475829 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 15

    PreDCtions / PreDOCtions for WWE Night of Champions!

    NAIborhood Episode 15 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson. Send your emails to DDTWrestling@gmail.com

  326. Thumb 1458476207 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 14

    Sting Steals Seth's Statue! Silliness Ensues!

    NAIborhood Episode 14 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI and @DocManson. Send your emails to DDTWrestling@gmail.com

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  332. Thumb 1458477321 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 8

    The final DC Matthews Solo Show! Savor those dulcet tones!

    NAIborhood Episode 8 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  333. Thumb 1458488089 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 7

    NAIborhood Episode 7 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  334. Thumb 1458488198 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 6

    NAIborhood Episode 6 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  335. Thumb 1458488299 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 5

    NAIborhood Episode 5 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  336. Thumb 1458488378 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 4

    NAIborhood Episode 4 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  337. Thumb 1458488483 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 3

    NAIborhood Episode 3 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  338. Thumb 1458488581 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 2.5 - DC Interviews Himself

    DC Matthews interviews himself, sharing his own personal narrative of professional wrestling.

    NAIborhood Episode 2.5 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  339. Thumb 1458488724 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 2

    NAIborhood Episode 2 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

  340. Thumb 1458488731 artwork

    NAIborhood Ep. 1

    NAIborhood Episode 1 - Hosted by @DCMatthewsNAI.

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